The InSinkErator is a more hygienic and convenient alternative to food waste disposal, saving you time in the long run too. We all have a busy life and we may feel like we spend endless time emptying the food waste into the brown bin which becomes smelly let alone mucky.

Thanks to InSinkErator this is the perfect alternative to that grubby method and a great compact powerful unit that will revolutionise your handmade kitchen in every way possible. Many of our clients have opted for this convenient kitchen technology in their hub of the home in amongst the stunning sinks.

There’s no doubt that every kitchen should have one, they are…

  • Kinder to the environment
  • Improves your health
  • Easy to install and use
  • Hygenic and clean
  • Saves you emptying the bin
  • No more rotting food waste in your kitchen
  • No more bad odours
  • No risk of the bin falling on the floor and empyting the contents

InSinkErator in our Bishop’s Stortford project

History of the InSinkErator

In the year 1927, the world’s first food waste disposal unit was invented by Wisconsin architect, John W. Hammes. The first creation by Hammes was born out of a sheet of metal and a small motor. Over the following years, he perfected the design and in 1983 the InSinkErator brand was born.

During the rock and roll years, the company expanded the product line and footprint to a 75,000 square foot facility in Racine, Wisconsin. In 1953 Hammes died and his son took over introducing the Model 77, featuring a 5-year warranty and assembled a network of independent service representatives.

1968, the InSinkErator was acquired by globally renowned technology and engineering firm Emerson. Today hundreds of thousands of units are being sold to households all over the USA and England.

1973 the first instant hot water tap was bought out by InSinkErator and 1978 the plant had grown to 388,000 square feet.

1993 saw an incredible milestone in the company’s history with the millionth food waste disposer rolling off the production line.

The new millennium was filled with promise and in 2001 the engineering group created innovative new ideas. 2004 the market presence had expanded to 80 countries, with new subsidiaries opening in Mexico, Japan and China. By 2006 the high-performance Evolution Line was launched with its revolutionary sound and grind technologies.

2013, Ashley Munden was appointed Managing Director in Europe, which saw the hot water tap market rapidly develop. The 3N1 was launched in 2014 and the 4N1 in 2018.

Their aim is to carry on innovating new ideas for another 80 years and many more.

InSinkErator in our Whetstone project

So… what is the InSinkErator?

The InSinkErator is a compact, circular and highly powerful unit that sits discreetly underneath the kitchen sink in a cupboard, it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing plumbing system too. It grinds solid food waste into tiny particles that will flush away into your wastewater system.

How does it work?

For the food waste disposer to work, all you need is a power supply and a wastewater pipe to connect to. Turn on the tap, switch on the unit and scrape your food waste down the specially modified plughole. As the food passes into the main chamber, a specially designed grinding system is below breaking the waste down into flushable particles.

InSinkErator in our Hutton project

Why should you get one

The InSinkErator is much more than a gadget or timesaver, it will make life that little bit easier. When the food is redirected to the same treatment plants that the wastewater goes to, it can yield valuable biogas, as well as soil nutrients that can be used in fertiliser for the agricultural industry.

What can I put into the food waste disposer?

The mechanism is tough enough for almost anything, there’s very little food, hard or soft that it can’t handle. Bones from chicken, prawn shells, eggshells and fruit pips and stones will grind down easily too. Suprised?

The Evolution series of food disposers are the most advanced on the market. They are quiet, yet very powerful. Unlike many other food disposers on the market, they can grind stringy and fibrous food items like banana peel and rhubarb quickly and easily. This bit of kit also features multi-stage grinding technology that ensures an extremely fine grind, so you don’t need to worry about blockages.

Food waste items that shouldn’t be put down:

  • Bones that are too big to fit down the plughole easily
  • Oyster shells – the coating on them can settle in your plumbing system
  • Grease, oils and fats should not be put down the food waste disposer let alone the sink!

InSinkErator in our Bishop’s Stortford project

The different types

InSinkErator are the inventors of the food waste disposer, perfecting the technology over the last 80 years. Their most popular models meet a wide variety of needs for all kinds of households.

Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal – This is the most powerful one in the range, it boasts a stylish black trim, 1180ml stainless steel chamber with uniquely superior grinding elements and an 8-year guarantee.

Evolution 200 Premium Food Waste Disposal – This one is 60% quieter than the standard model, it is a highly popular unit with an impressive three-stage grind technology, auto-reverse grind system and a 6-year product warranty.

Evolution 150 Premium Food Waste Disposal – This unit is a special edition which is perfect for large households and growing families. With a spacious 1005ml chamber and a quiet two-stage grind technology, it comes with a 7-year guarantee.

Model 66 Food Waste Disposal – The M-Series range combines kitchen convenience with compact design, perfect for smaller cupboards. This particular model sits at the top of this range and comes with a 4-year guarantee.

Model 56 Food Waste Disposal – This mid-range unit will fit discreetly in the kitchen cabinets and has a powerful one-stage grind technology within with a 0.55hp motor and a 3-year warranty.

Model 46 Food Waste Disposal – This model is ideal for small households and individual. It grinds most food effortlessly and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Are they cost-efficient?

They certainly are cost-effective, making them a truly worthwhile investment that will not only prove efficient but make your kitchen a more streamlined and pleasant place to cook and eat. With a significant reduction in time and effort when handling food waste, as well as low running costs, the benefits of a food waste disposer will be clear immediately.

Even the most powerful unit, uses an average of only 5 litres of water per person, per day.

InSinkErator in our Chigwell project

Are you thinking of adding an InSinkErator into your kitchen design? Contact Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company today to find out more – we look forward to hearing from you.