Introducing a Green hue in the Bathroom & Kitchen from Farrow & Ball

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A green hue is certainly a fresh-feeling colour for the home especially for the busiest of kitchens, and a relaxing bathroom. Green symbolizes growth and renewal making it an excellent choice for those who like to recharge in the bathroom.

At a time when bringing the outside in, decorating the home in this popular trend is becoming an essential element, and with us being more conscious than ever about our health and well-being, a zesty shade of green couldn’t be more relevant.

There are so many shades of greens available within the colour palette of Farrow & Ball. If your bathroom or kitchen is more traditional, olive green is perfect. If contemporary is more your style, the bolder the better.

Introducing outdoor elements to the interior of homes was firmly on-trend in the seventies and now proving to be a favourite in design trends today. Houseplants are a great way to create an indoor oasis benefiting the air around us and keeping connected with the outdoors, as well as that green hue.

We are proud to announce that not only do we create handmade kitchens but beautiful handcrafted furniture for bathrooms made from solid wood. As you scroll on down you will see our recent project in Chigwell. We renovated our client’s bathroom as well as their kitchen keeping within the modern aesthetics of the home.

Some popular colours right now

Breakfast Room Green

Breakfast Room Green from Farrow & Ball is a cheerful green and is the most happiest out of the greens. It remains lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight. It is named after the usually east facing rooms designed for eating the first meal of the day and is particularly beautiful in the dawn light. When used alone against a white backdrop it becomes incredibly striking.

Chigwell project

This cheery green hue is the perfect colour to create a striking downstairs bathroom design. We hand-painted this handmade bathroom furniture in Breakfast Room Green. It gives a much softer approach to the modern home and contrasts perfectly against the white backdrop and the warm tones from the floor. The wall cabinet gives our client additional storage with a vanity unit providing a delightful sink area with an added touch of outdoor ambience.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green from Farrow & Ball is from their new collection Colour by Nature palette, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum to bring the true colours of nature into the home. It is a bright, uncomplicated green creating rooms with an upbeat yet elegant atmosphere. This beautiful jewel-toned green makes an excellent addition to strong multi-coloured schemes, such as paired with Lake Red and Ultra Marine Blue, where a striking balance is met between being vibrant and soothing.

Studio Green

Studio Green from Farrow & Ball is a deep, dark green and their darkest yet. The colour is from one of the very first colours they created. The rich pigments within respond extraordinarily to all types of light and magically appear much green than on the colour card. Within the home, this deep hue appears almost black unless in very well lit rooms.

The Showroom

We love a green here at Nicholas Bridger, so we painted this new lot of cabinetry in Studio Green by Farrow & Ball. It features our beautiful traditional shaker with the Natufia Kitchen Garden and the latest 36-inch Sub-Zero Professional Refrigeration.


Bancha from Farrow & Ball is a protective olive green which is a mid-century modern green and a darker version of the much-loved archive colour, Olive. It’s a perfect colour to embrace a stronger colour in the home, with a sober tone creating a calm and serene atmosphere – especially when combined with soft pinks and browns. It has been named after Japanese tea leaves, Bancha, like a cup of green tea, providing a feeling of security.


Arsenic from Farrow & Ball is a lively mint green despite the name being derived from the poison that was rumoured to have been in the wallpaper that poisoned Napoleon after his capture. The vivid mint colour within makes it feel just as at home on contemporary kitchen cabinets, especially when paired with Down Pipe, as it does on the walls of a 19th-century dining room.

Card Room Green

Card Room Green from Farrow & Ball is a masculine grey-green with a dark hue named after the study like rooms much favoured in the Victorian period. It really comes alive when contrasted with a warm neutral like Off-White or set against the darker Studio Green, but feels more contemporary when used with no contrasts at all.


Lichen from Farrow & Ball is a mid-aged green with a calm and muted hue named after the ever-changing, subtle colour of creeping algae which ages stone so beautifully. It has a quiet and subtle feel to it, with an underlying blue tone that brings nature into the home, and works wonderfully as a darker accent to Vert De Terre too.

Vert De Terre

Vert De Terre from Farrow & Ball is a delicate aged green, with a fresh appeal. With a blue undertone, it creates the softest of atmospheres, being less intense and cooler than Cooking Apple Green but fresher and less grey than Ball Green.

Create a beautiful striking handmade bathroom/ kitchen in the colour your space deserves. Our skilled painter’s hand-paint the cabinetry in your choice of paint colour and then our fitters add all the finishing details, leaving you with your dream bathroom/ kitchen! Contact us today to find out more on creating a green colour scheme with Farrow & Ball in your bathroom and kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.