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Tell a Rich Story with a Blue from “Little Greene Paint Company”

Our entire handmade kitchens are handpainted on site. We use one of our favourite paint companies “Little Green Paint Company” to bring the sky inside with a beautiful blue hue.

One of the strongest style trends in a kitchen is blue and is set to be a growing trend for kitchens in 2018 and 2019. Blue represents sky and the sea, but also space and infinity. For interior designers blue is the most versatile of all colour groups, they naturally offer security, longevity, depth and calmness and is a perfect colour for the hub of the home.

They are right on-trend at the moment and blend perfectly with a timeless traditional style. You can soften things up with a duck egg blue, or make a statement with a striking midnight blue.

A rustic charm has been created in this hub of the home with a royal blue within a Victorian Shaker style. The use of the brass handles and taps provide a timeless design for many years to come.

Some popular colours right now

Royal Navy

Royal Navy from Little Greene is a charismatic alternative to dark grey or black in a neutral colour scheme. It is a sumptuous blend of Royal Blue and Navy Blue. It will add drama to the story you are creating and if paired with a lighter blue it would add an unusual contrast that would fit right in to a modern traditional home.


Woad from Little Greene is a stunning charming blue that will combine perfectly with a traditional shaker style kitchen to bring out the retro trendiness within the indigo colour. It was a popular blue pigment that was used in medieval times to dye fabrics. Woad is a plant extract that produces a charming indigo quality.

Delicate Blue

Delicate Blue from Little Greene offers just a hint of colour that will intensify considerably when used with a brighter white. It teams up perfectly with Regency Blue and Shirting from the blue colour palette of Little Greene. This colour welcomes a delicate charm within the kitchen space that is easy on the eye, and can be easily accessorised for a range of styles within a traditional shaker style.

View more in the Little Greene – Blue Collection on their website.

The traditional shaker style in this kitchen has been handpainted in a charming two-tone blue and works in tandem with the grey quartz, while the wooden floor brings it all together. The uses of the light blue hues work harmoniously alongside each other in this hub of the home and will be a favourite for many years to come.






At Nicholas Bridger we love to paint kitchens in colours that are on trend and colours your kitchen deserves. Below shows you the process of how we paint our kitchens on site with the beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly, for instance we was painting this kitchen in a royal blue. Contact us today for more information and a design that will blow your mind!