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Farrow & Ball started back in 1946 in Dorset, where local pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball shared a passion for making rich colours to original formulations using only the finest ingredients. Farrow was a trained chemist who worked for Ireland’s Agnew Paints during the Second World War, and Ball was an engineer who survived capture as a prisoner of war. They met in a local clay pit and came up with the remarkable company it is today.

We are proud to offer Farrow & Ball to our clients for their handmade kitchens. Here at Nicholas Bridger, we hand-paint our kitchens on-site once the cabinets have been built, with a beautiful brush-on finish that follows the wood grain perfectly. We take a look below at some of the popular colours in the “Dark” colour range and how we have used them in our client’s projects.

A little history on Farrow & Ball

  • The first factory was built in Verwood, Dorset, where the paint was supplied to the Ford Motor Company, Raleigh Bicycles, the Admiralty and the War Office. Due to a devastating fire that broke out in the factory at the end of the 1960s, Farrow & Ball moved to its current home near Wimborne where the paint and wallpaper have been crafted ever since.
  • In the 1970s and 1980s, Farrow & Ball upheld its original recipes and age-old methods to create the paints of today using other than the finest ingredients available.
  • The 1990s saw Farrow & Ball grow more and more with a focus on restoring heritage properties with colours that were sympathetic to the era.
  • In 2010, Farrow & Ball made the bold decision to move their entire range of oiled based paints to eco-friendly water-based finishes with low VOC (volatile organic compounds). They also embraced the digital world, launching a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Today the unique Farrow & Ball look transforms modern and traditional homes, large and small.

Some popular colours right now


Brinjal from Farrow & Ball is a sophisticated aubergine. The name comes from the beautifully deep and shiny skin of the aubergine. It brings a warm hue to the hub of the home and is perfect for creating an accent on an island in the middle of the room, just like our stunning island in our showroom.

Our client in Bishop’s Stortford also opted for Brinjal to make their island the main attraction in the hub of the home. The deep aubergine colour brings a touch of warmth to the light hues created in this kitchen space.



Brassica from Farrow & Ball is a dark and sophisticated lavender where feminine and charming tones are both portrayed through the colour in lighter areas, and become much more sophisticated and grey in darker areas due to an underlying hint of black. The name comes from a group of plants containing purple sprouting broccoli. It is a perfect combined with Elephant’s Breath and Skimming Stone for a rich, contemporary feel.

Paean Black

Paean Black from Farrow & Ball is a chic red based black that creates an intimate feel in super contemporary or bohemian homes. It is perfectly combined with a red hue from Farrow & Ball. The name comes from a song of praise.

Studio Green

Studio Green is Farrow & Ball’s darkest green and was one of their very first colours created. With its deep and dark green hues, it can almost appear black unless in very well lit room. When light bounces off this colour it can appear much greener than on the colour card.


Railings from Farrow & Ball is a soft black with blue undertones and has been popular for us in the past year, with two of our clients choosing this classy colour. It has more blue hues than black and is a softer alternative to black. The name is taken from ironwork, hence the name “Railings”. The bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.

Clients from Ongar and Harringay chose the colour Railings from Farrow & Ball.

Pitch Black

Pitch Black from Farrow & Ball is a true black and as pure a black can get. It works well in all lights and is named after the dark sticky residue of coal tar often used in roofing.

Down Pipe

Down Pipe from Farrow & Ball is dramatic lead grey containing blue undertones which deepen the complexity of the finish. This particular colour has been inspired by the colour used to paint downpipes and guttering. The daringly dark hue found in this fabulous colour is deeply effective in a handmade kitchen.

Hadley Wood project

This large open-plan grey kitchen was designed and fitted for our client in Hadley Wood. It features our classic shaker style in-frame furniture. There is a beaded front frame to all doors and drawers. The recessed panel doors and drawers also feature an extra detail to the edge. The island has been hand-painted in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe that creates this fabulous statement piece.



Mahogany from Farrow & Ball is a dark and rich brown which takes its name from the dark red wood used by master cabinet makers like Thomas Chippendale. The colour is packed with warm tones that give a unique depth of colour. And the burnt brown pigments within create a welcoming entrance to the space.

Traditional Shaker- Ongar

We created this luxurious blue traditional shaker coloured kitchen for a client in Ongar, Essex. Handmade and fitted by the team at Nicholas Bridger, we met our client’s specific requirements. This kitchen is handpainted in Farrow & Ball – Railings and produces a dramatic inviting hub of the home that really comes to life against the neutral hues. It has been completed with polished chrome fixtures and fittings that set beautifully against the popular blue and makes the beaded front frame protrude out showing our excellent craftmanship.

Classic Shaker- Harringay

We designed and installed this stunning classic shaker for a client in Harringay. Hand-painted in Farrow & Ball – Railings, this popular blue/black opens up the open-plan space and matches perfectly with the satin brass handles. The space exceeds all dreams of natural light with its roof lantern and sliding french doors, making the colour transform the room.

Nicholas Bridger Showroom 2019

We are pleased to be able to show off our updated showroom for 2019! We have been busy working on one half of our large barn conversion showroom at Little Jenkins Barn. Visit us

We have a brand new island in the middle featuring our classic shaker style furniture, which has been hand-painted in Farrow & Ball Brinjal. This island features curved doors at each end, seating for 2 with storage on all 4 sides. There is a luxury granite worktop with the Wolf induction hob set in. The brass knobs and butt hinges are the perfect colour contrast against this sophisticated aubergine colour.

View more in the Farrow & Ball – Dark Colour Collection on their website.

Contact us today for more information on Farrow & Ball in your handmade kitchen- we look forward to hearing from you.