Introducing Deep and Dark Colours in the Kitchen from Little Greene Paint Company

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Our entire handmade kitchens are handpainted on site. We use one of our favourite paint companies “Little Green Paint Company” to bring a sense of drama to the kitchen design.

Little Greene has history dating back to 1773, and the factory it started out from is one of England’s most ancient industrial sites for the making of paints and dye solutions. What iconic British History in the making of paint!

Thinking about going for a dark colour? As a rule of thumb, the bigger the room, the darker you can go with the colour. Deep colours have lots of character and can bring a sense of drama to the space.

It has become a popular modern decor in recent years with the ability to soften the colour scheme up with a lighter colour, or go even  deeper for character- known as a two tone.

Some popular colours right now


Basalt from Little Green is a timeless blue-black. A deep and mysterious colour that will add lots of drama and character to the kitchen space. It teams up perfectly with Slaked Lime and Gauze Dark.

Obsidian Green

Obsidian Green from Little Greene is a classic off-black colour with a hint of green, and has been a popular colour throughout the years. In the 1970s it provided a dramatic backdrop to natural wood furnishings and khaki. It teams up perfectly with Portland Stone Pale and Bone China Blue Deep.

Purple Brown

Purple Brown from Little Greene is a moody lightfast colour that brings a sense of depth and meaning to the room. It teams up perfectly with Rolling Fog Pale and Callaghan.

Hicks’ Blue

Hicks’ Blue from Little Greene is named after David Hicks, one of the most important designers of the 60s and 70s. The powerful colours he used was to create a dramatic effect, and this particular blue creates a powerful conversation. It teams up perfectly with Basalt and Linen Wash.


Córdoba from Little Greene is a distinctive aged wooden aubergine tone, perfect for creating a dramatic effect and making a feature stand out. It teams up perfectly with Blush and Baked Cherry.

Baked Cherry

Baked Cherry from Little Greene is a sumptuous red, which is wonderfully rich and popular in the home. It teams up perfectly with Adventurer and Córdoba.

View more in the Little Greene – Deep, Dark Colour Collection on their website.

Below is a great example of one of our projects painted in a dark, deep colour. The beautiful in-frame Classic Shaker kitchen with beaded front frame has been handpainted in Little Greene Basalt, which creates a bold statement. It works in tandem with the light slate floor and multicoloured quartz with a lovely natural appearance, and contrasts the traditional oak for a deeper impact and industrial look.

A charming kitchen sits below at our Classic Shaker in Sawbridgeworth. Dark bold colours such as red and grey have been used in a two tone colour scheme to create an industrial style look, and a sense of drama.

At Nicholas Bridger we love to paint kitchens in colours that are on trend and colours your kitchen deserves. Below are just some of the colours we have painted with the beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly. Contact us today for more information and choose the colour you think your kitchen deserves- we look forward to hearing from you.