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“The original colour of nature”

The beginning of 2018 saw one of our favourite paint companies “Little Greene” work in collaboration with the National Trust to produce a new “green” paint colour chart. Little Greene went to National Trust houses and gardens throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland on an extensive research project to find original colours to create their new green colour chart.

We really couldn’t wait for these colours to come out!

From previous colour trends like “grey”, “blue” and “pink”, Little Greene has identified and unrivalled a selection of 31 beautiful greens, to stand in an important place on the colour chart to create contemporary interior design. Green is a different choice to the usual colours and we personally think it looks great; it’s a colour that is bang on trend to create a wonderful traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Little Greene have put together the “green” colour chart with 20 National Trust shades, plus several important greens from Little Greene’s archives, and the current colourcard has also been added.

We associate the colour green with the nature and freshness of the outdoors and this is why Little Greene has collaborated with the National Trust. Crisp, bright leafy or lime green shades create a contemporary feel just like in the picture above, while a paler celery hue can give you a more subtle scheme you desire. A traditional hub of the home painted in a green hue will give your space that organic feel that is relaxing and breathtaking that you will love for many years to come.

The contrast of the olive green in this traditional shaker style kitchen makes the island pop!

Some popular colours right now


Acorn from Little Greene is a fresh and bright pale green that is ideal for use in a kitchen. It is a great match to the Eau-de-Nil paint. This colour will make a great design statement in the hub of the home and certainly won’t appear overbearing.

Pea Green

Pea Green from Little Greene is a soft peaceful green which looks great with a more olive colour like the Normandy Grey or deep terracotta like Ashes of Roses. Balance out the colour with different coloured flooring and worktops, such as a dark wooden floor and cream or white worktops.

Sir Lutyens’ Sage

Sir Lutyens’ Sage from Little Greene is a deep sage green in colour that was designed by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens for the last castle that was built in England. It was made to represent “sky and meadow in a Cuyp picture”. It teams up perfectly with Limestone or Stock.

View more in the Little Greene – Green Collection on their website.

Create a beautifully striking kitchen with us in the colour your kitchen deserves. Our skilled painter’s hand-paint the cabinetry in your choice of paint colour and then our fitters add all the finishing details, leaving you with your dream kitchen! We look forward to hearing from you.