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Grey colour schemes in the kitchen seem to be a great design trend nowadays, as they are neutral enough to complement many colours throughout the kitchens style. The colour grey is making its way into the world of colour fashion where it provides a sense of sophisitication to the space, and adds lots of character while also being a chic alternative to white.

Warmer greys can create different feels, for example like a blue-based slate. If you follow the colour theory you can’t go wrong in creating the perfect palette in your traditional handmade kitchen.

Handmade kitchens from Nicholas Bridger painted in a grey hue will create delightful modern and traditional styles, and can easily be added with other kitchen décor ideas. All of our kitchens are hand painted to your personal preference in the colour of your choice. One of the paint companies we use is a respectable company known as “Farrow & Ball”.

Farrow & Ball use only the finest ingredients available to make their amazing colour chart. They have been designing and making paint for over 70 years, and transforming modern and traditional homes, large and small. The company was set up by two local pioneers known as John Farrow and Richard Ball.

Some popular colours right now


Blackened from Farrow & Ball is a cool white with the slightest hint of grey. It was historically made with the addition of lamp black pigment gathered from the smoke of burning oil lamps. The colour Blackened sits perfectly with each of the Architectural Neutrals in the collection for a minimal look or stronger industrial feel. It’s particularly spectacular when used within stainless steel kitchens, or when paired with All White for an uncompromisingly modern design.

Potters Bar project

In our recent project in Potters Bar layers of grey were used to create a cohesive feel. Using various layers of grey such as the softer grey on the main kitchen cabinets, the island in a dark alluring hue and the subtle grey veins throughout the marbled worksurface, an effortless transition between light and dark has been created. The rest of the room has been kept with an airy feeling of neutral hues to create a delightful kitchen space.

Hadley Wood project

In a new build in Hadley Wood we completed the hub of the home with our handmade classic shaker style hand painted in Blackened by Farrow & Ball. The neutral hue of this colour works well with the stainless steel fixtures and fittings that makes up the kitchen design. What a fantastic kitchen!

Down Pipe

Down Pipe from Farrow & Ball is a dramatic lead grey that has definite blue undertones to it which deepen the complexity of the finish. Originally inspired by the colour used to paint downpipes and guttering, it has been embraced for use inside the home with fanatical zeal! This daringly dark hue is fabulous for a statement piece in the kitchen like the island.

Hadley Wood project

The daringly dark hue known as Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball has been used for the statement island in this newly renovated property. The dramatic lead grey produces fantastic results against the neutral hues of the cool white with hints of grey known as ‘Blackened’ from Farrow & Ball.

Potters Bar project

The dramatic grey known as Down Pipe from Farrow and Ball has been used in our Potters Bar porject to create instant impact on the island. The metallic shine of chromes and silvers create a modern aesthetic, and the chandelier suspended above creates a luxury sparkle.

Cornforth White

Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball is an understated grey that is extremely versatile. Neither too warm nor too cool, Cornforth White sits contentedly between Ammonite and Purbeck Stone to create a hushed and calming retreat.

Matching Tye project

The understated grey is extremely versatile in this historic property from the 1800s. A calming retreat has been created within our handmade classic shaker design, where the beautiful wooden beams and floor planks provide a stunning backdrop to this hub of the home. A stunning copper Mauviel Tea Kettle is the perfect choice to sit against this understated neutral grey kitchen and crisp white AGA.

Epping project

The ultimate cooking space in Epping we created has been hand painted in Cornforth White. This hub of the home features the huge 1524mm Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker with Chargrill & Griddle, and for refrigeration our client opted for the 914mm Sub-Zero Built-in French Door fridge/freezer. The perfect professional cooking area for our professional chef client with an understated grey colour scheme.

Winchmore Hill project

This beautiful spacious kitchen we created in Winchmore Hill has been completed with a two-tone colour scheme. The main kitchen has been hand-painted in Cornforth White that is extremely versatile to this space.


Plummett from Farrow & Ball is a strong architectural grey named after the lead often used by fishermen to weight their lines. It intensifies in colour in smaller space and has a strikingly modern feel. This particular grey is one of Farrow & Ball’s most hard-edged and industrial feeling greys.

Winchmore Hill project

In the Winchmore Hill project we completed, we created the island and TV unit as features in this hub of the home with this strong architectural grey. Our beautiful traditional cabinetry soaks up this lighter lead grey making way for the ultimate dream kitchen.

Lamp Room Gray

Lamp Room Gray from Farrow & Ball is a traditional mid grey and creates a softer more lived in finish than Pavilion Gray, while retaining a sense of timelessness. It is surprisingly strong when used in smaller rooms but softens in larger, well lit spaces. The most traditional blue grey was originally created when a white room had been stained by the trimming of lamp wicks.

Dove Tale

Dove Tale from Farrow & Ball is a warm grey with lilac undertones and a darker version of Elephant’s Breath and is perfect for those who are hoping for a warm grey finish. The grey hues within this colour create a soft and inviting feel to the hub of the home. Pair with Skimming Stone for the most flattering and subtle scheme. We have recently undergone a major refurb in our showroom and have painted part of the showroom kitchen with Dove Tale.

Nicholas Bridger Showroom – 2019

We hand painted part of our showroom in the warm grey that’s known as Dove Tale to create a soft and inviting feel to this kitchen space. This is our in-frame tradtional shaker style that has Armac Martin Queslett cabinet pulls and Queslett Knobs and a bank of Wolf appliances.

Bishop’s Stortford project

The Grade II listed property was completed with the main kitchen run and the second part of the kitchen handpainted in Dove Tale by Farrow & Ball. It features our classic shaker style that is perfect to create an absolute charm in this period home.

Potters Bar project

We recently completed a project in Potters Bar with the Classic shaker style furniture. The space is vast in both the kitchen and utility providing a multi-functional kitchen. The utility shown below has been handmade in our tongue and groove finish hand painted in Dove Tale. It creates a warm hue in this space that makes it inviting and appealing.

Elephant’s Breath

Elephant’s Breath from Farrow & Ball is a warm mid grey which is renowned for its characterful paint name, originally created by John Fowler, the notable English interior designer. To create an invitingly earthy scheme with more intense accents pair with Charleston Gray or London Clay, for a sense of neutrality and calmness paint with a contemporary neutral such as Strong White.

Nicholas Bridger Showroom – 2019

We incorporated this warm mid grey into our newly refurbished showroom in Great Hallingbury, Essex. This is our in-frame contemporary slab front style furniture that consists of a modern style and is hand painted in Elephant’s Breath. The sleek long bar handles contrast beautifully against the natural walnut accessories (chopping boards and serving tray) and the uplifting grey hues of the paint colour.

Moles Breath

Moles Breath from Farrow & Ball is a moody grey which is timeless and takes its name from the roots of the much loved Elephant’s Breath. This moody hue is inspired by a smaller, furier animal. It is one of the most versatile stronger accents within the palette and can be used with Easy Neutrals like Purbeck Stone and Contemporary Neutrals like Strong White. Its also an appealing colour to be used on the walls of smaller spaces to create a fabulously sullen yet warm room.

Chigwell project

This moody grey hue is perfect for this L-shaped kitchen we built in Chigwell. It contrasts perfectly against the Strong White hand painted on the main kitchen run, and offers beautiful features within the hub of the home.

Charleston Gray

Charleston Gray from Farrow & Ball is a deep, warm grey and named after the much loved home the equally artistic and intellectual Bloomsbury Group in West Sussex. It has been very popular in modern living room, with its brown undertones creating a warm, enveloping and hushed atmosphere. It is the perfect accent colour for all the warm Contemporary Neutrals and looks great contrasted against rich Brinjal.

Cuffley project

This deep, warm grey fills this large space with a warm and luxury vibe. With a traditional shaker style the brown undertones bring the beautiful detail to life.

Pavilion Gray

Pavilion Gray from Farrow & Ball is a cool mid grey that is classic and originally created for a bespoke pavilion, but is also reminiscent of an elegant 18th century Swedish colour. The subtle blue undertones of Pavilion Gray add a contemporary touch and sense of spaciousness. Combine with Dimpse, Blackened or Manor House Gray in an combination for a scheme that is perfect for the modern family home.

View more in the Farrow & Ball Grey collection on their website

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We hand paint on-site once the kitchen has been built. It is a beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the solid wood underneath. To find out more on creating a grey colour scheme with Farrow & Ball for your handmade kitchen contact us today– we look forward to hearing from you.