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All of our kitchens are hand painted to your personal preference in the colour of your choice. One of the paint companies we use is a respectable company known as “Little Greene Paint Company”, who is an independent British paint manufacturer and one of our favourites. They are committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers. With history dating back from 1773 they use many materials from the past to make the high quality paints of today.

In 2004 Little Greene was one of the first UK paint manufactures to achieve the European environmental standards. They have always been committed to the ongoing and well-being of the world protection, and winning this award just showed the world the paint they produce is made of high quality standards. We are a very proud kitchen company that uses their paint on our handmade kitchens.

Grey colour schemes seem to be the colour trend nowadays, as they are neutral enough to complement many colours throughout the kitchen design and are making their way into the world of colour fashion. As we know grey is in high demand and a colour that can be easily updated with accessories and other kitchen décor ideas, so it will never go out of fashion. It brings sophistication to the space, adding lots of character and is a chic alternative to white.

With grey you can create a contrasting or contemporary colour scheme. Contrasting colours bring lots of energy to the room where contemporary colours bring a calm feel to the kitchen design. Warmer greys can create different feels, for example like a blue-based slate. If you follow the colour theory you can’t go wrong in creating the perfect palette in your traditional handmade kitchen.

Grey colours can go with practically anything from vibrant yellow to vivid red, and a range of grey hues can provide the guest with your personal taste and specific mood.

Some popular grey colours right now

French Grey

French Grey from Little Greene is a fancy colour with subtle hints of blue and red making it the stunning colour it is, and pairs up great with Slaked Lime, Lead Colour and Dark Lead Colour. It will look perfect in your traditional handmade hub of the home around that intricate Victorian style beading on the cabinet doors.

Grey Teal

Grey Teal from Little Greene is another gorgeous grey that will add definition to the handmade traditional design, and look complete with a white or lighter colour for a subtle two-tone contrast. It teams up perfectly with Gauze and Brighton too


Inox from Little Greene is a lighter grey and offers a timeless look in the kitchen that will make the traditional space warm and relaxing. Slaked Lime and Mid Lead Colour are perfect colours to match and will make a perfect grey colour scheme.

Our client in Whetstone below designed their kitchen in a two-tone colour scheme with Inox from Little Greene being the main colour. This colour certainly creates a timeless look in the classic shaker style making it feel warm and relaxing too. The beauty of the light neutral stone floor brings it altogether for an understated look for many years to come.

View more in the Little Greene – Grey Collection on their website.

At Nicholas Bridger we hand paint on-site once the kitchen has been built. It is a beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the solid wood underneath. Contact us today with your colour preference and we will build you the kitchen of your dreams; we would love to hear from you.