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Neutral colour schemes in the kitchen area have dominated the colour palette for a while now keeping up with fashion trends and lasting a long time. There are many advantages to a neutral colour scheme, and one being that, is it can be adapted to any style from traditional, to country, to modern.

Neutrals create a great blank canvas to add a pop of colour, and give your features a chance to shine through. Scandinavians have had this design style for centuries and us Brits love a blank canvas to work with. If you look through some of our projects below you will see how the neutral colour scheme our client has chosen allows the accents and features to tell a story through the kitchen design.

Farrow & Ball have been designing and making paint for over 70 years, using only the finest ingredients available and colours that transform modern and traditional homes, large and small. The company name comes from the surnames of two local pioneers known as John Farrow and Richard Ball. They met in a local clay pit and shared their passion for making rich colours.

At Nicholas Bridger we are proud to hand paint our handmade kitchens in Farrow & Ball, especially with a neutral hue where our clients can add pops of colour to their design scheme alongside a blank canvas.

Some popular colours right now

Cornforth White

Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball is an understated grey, and is a mid tone within the Easy Neutrals colour palette. This colour in particular is totally understated and extremely versatile. Cornforth White is neither too warm nor too cool. It was named in memory of John Cornforth, the revered architectural historian.

Winchmore Hill Project

Our traditional shaker in Winchmore Hill has been pushed to the limits in terms of style. The main kitchen run and sink area have been hand-painted in the understated grey known as Cornforth White, with a unique combination of the doors featuring raised and fielded panels, while the drawers feature a flat front panel.

Matching Tye Project

Our Classic Shaker design in Matching Tye fits perfectly within this historic property. The property dates back to the 1800s where our client stripped back the ceiling and floors to find beautiful wooden beams and floor planks to make a stunning traditional hub of the home. The cabinets have been hand painted in the very versatile Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball with only the back wall featuring wall units to make the space feel large and welcoming. A stunning copper Mauviel Tea Kettle is the perfect choice to sit against this understated neutral grey kitchen and crisp white AGA.

Stamford Project

Our Classic Shaker design in Stamford has been hand painted in a two-tone colour scheme with the understated Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball being used on the main kitchen. The versatile light hue with subtle hints of grey opens the space up and contrasts beautifully against the honed African Granite Worktops.


Blackened from Farrow & Ball is a cool white, with the slightest hint of grey. It sits perfectly with the other Architectural neutrals within the colour palette for a minimal look or a stronger industrial feel. It looks spectacular within stainless steel kitchens, or paired with the colour All White for an uncompromisingly modern finish. One of our clients in Hadley Wood chose “Blackened” in their hub of the home.

Hadley Wood Project

Our Classic Shaker in the newly renovated property in Hadley Wood has been hand painted in a two-tone colour scheme featuring “Blackened” from Farrow & Ball on the main kitchen cabinets. The cool white colour with hints of subtle greys works well in this open-plan space. The beaded front frame soaks up this cool white and looks spectacular within the stainless steel fixtures and fittings, and the amount of natural light.


All White

All White from Farrow & Ball is a totally pure white and exactly what it says. It contains no other pigment than white, creating the softest most sympathetic colour without the colder blue undertones of a brilliant white. It is one of Farrow & Ball’s contemporary neutrals, that pairs seamlessly with Skimming Stone and Strong White creating a warm scheme with a slight edge. Pair with strong tones like Pitch Black and St Giles Blue for a clean and fresh contrast.

Wimborne White

Wimborne White from Farrow & Ball is a just off white named after the market town of Wimborne in Dorset and home to Farrow & Ball. It contains the smallest amount of warm yellow pigment providing a very versatile shade which is just a little softer than the colour All White.

Shaded White

Shaded White from Farrow & Ball is a light grey beige that is neither too warm nor too cool. This neutral hue takes its name from the soft tone created when many of the whites are used in deep shade. Shaded White has a gentle greyness making it extremely versatile within homes both old and new. It is often used alongside lighter shades such as Pointing or Slipper Satin for a restful space, or paired with Drop Cloth for a wonderfully relaxed feel.

Bishop’s Stortford project

The gorgeous traditional shaker kitchen we designed and built in Bishop’s Stortford below has filled the space perfectly to suit out client’s way of life and requirements. The large run of cabinetry which is almost floor to ceiling has been hand painted in Farrow & Ball Shaded White to match with the beauty of the wood used within the design aesthetics.

White Tie

White Tie from Farrow & Ball is a pale creamy white and the prettiest white from Farrow & Ball. It is named after the old, pre-brightened, starched cotton used for white tie jackets. This particular white brings a gentle warmth to any room and is deepened with a touch of black pigment. For a delicate scheme combine with Matchstick, String and New White.

Elephant’s Breath

Elephant’s Breath from Farrow & Ball is a warm mid grey that is contemporary and renowned for its characterful paint name, originally created by John Fowler, the notable English interior designer. The uplifting grey hues can give off a magenta colour, but in a west facing room it can become almost lilac. For an earthy scheme pair with Charlestone Gray and London clay, for a sense of neutrality and calmness pair with other contemporary neutrals from the colour chart of Strong White. We have recently just hand painted part of our showroom in Elephant’s Breath.

Nicholas Bridger Showroom – 2019

In our recently updated showroom in Great Hallingbury, Essex, we designed and built our in-frame contemporary slab front style furniture and hand painted it in Elephant’s Breath. The uplifting grey hues within this colour contrasts beautifully against the natural walnut accessories (chopping boards and serving tray), and the sleek bar handles.

Dove Tale

Dove Tale from Farrow & Ball is a warm grey with lilac undertones and is a darker version of Elephant’s Breath. It is the perfect choice to create a soft and inviting feel to the space. Pair with Skimming Stone for the most flattering and subtle scheme. We have recently just painted one part of our newly updated showroom in Dove Tale and a recent utility room.

Nicholas Bridger Showroom – 2019

Our in-frame traditional shaker style kitchen was added to one part of our recently updated showroom. We teamed it up with Armac Martin Queslett cabinet pulls and Queslett Knobs and hand painted it in Farrow & Ball Dove Tale. The New England look from the handles look flawless against the warm grey.

Potters Bar project

The beautiful tongue and groove doors in this handmade utility room/ walk-in pantry have been hand painted in the inviting hue that is known as Dove Tale. This colour certainly makes the room welcoming and a pleasure to do the chores in.


James White

James White from Farrow & Ball is an off white colour with a slight green hue that was first created for the pretty garden room of a discerning Dr James with a fresh underlying green tone. The slighest hint of green creates the most calm, soothing an airy feel which is great for an open-plan kitchen. When used with no contrasts this colour will transform the space into the most light and tranquil of rooms. It will appear greener when used within a contrast such as All White in north facing rooms.

Drop Cloth

Drop Cloth from Farrow & Ball is a gentle mid grey beige that’s neither too yellow, nor too grey. Drop Cloth is the traditional name for the indispensable painter’s dust sheet which this muted colour embodies. To create a perfect modern or traditional kitchen team up with Shaded white and Shadow white, to sit effortlessly next to one another.

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