Introducing Neutrals in the Kitchen from Little Greene Paint Company

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Updated: 07/08/19

Neutral colours are timeless and add a rustic charm, a perfect backdrop to your furnishings and accessories.

All of our kitchens are hand painted to your personal preference in the colour of your choice. One of the paint companies we use is a respectable company known as “Little Greene Paint Company”, who is an independent British paint manufacturer and one of our favourites.

Little Greene has history dating back to 1773, and the factory it started out from is one of England’s most ancient industrial sites for the making of paints and dye solutions. What iconic British History in the making of paint!

Neutral colour schemes have dominated the scene for quite some time now being a perfect colour to last a long time and keep up with fashion trends. You don’t tend to update the kitchen space very often so you need a colour that will last 20 plus years. The biggest advantage you get with a neutral kitchen is that it can be adapted to any style, from traditional to country to modern as you will see in the pictures below, and match with any other colour scheme.

Some popular colours right now


Magnolia from Little Greene has become an iconic off-white paint colour since the mid 50s. Its light hues will capture the intricate beading around the frame of the door and let the natural light bounce off. A perfect colour to team up with Callaghan, Dark Lead Colour and Gauze Dark.

Modern Shaker Kitchen – Billericay

We recently installed and created this Magnolia Modern Shaker in Billericay. It features a large open-plan layout with the kitchen furniture filling the space with just enough charm and sensuality, while managing to be both modern and traditional at the same time. A perfect hub of the home for this busy family.

We hand painted this beautiful cabinetry in Magnolia from Little Greene where the iconic off-white paint colour captures the intricate beading around the cornices and allows the natural light to bounce off. It’s nice to see a kitchen blend into the walls to feel completely integrated too.

Aged Ivory

Aged Ivory from Little Greene is a beautiful toned down version of a middle yellow. With its light hues it can be considered as a stone colour and create natural beauty. It will bring an instant Summer glow to your traditional hub of the home in those Winter months. The colour pairs up perfectly with Bronze Red and Whitening.

Clay Pale

Clay Pale from Little Greene is a lighter version of the popular Clay colour. It is subtle in colour but provides a rustic charm that would fit into both Modern and Traditional Shaker styles. It pairs up beautifully with Boxington, Lead Colour and Clay.


Mushroom from Little Greene is a classic gentle colour that has neutral hues and a hint of red oxide for warmth. It teams perfectly with Linen Wash and Silt for a gorgeous traditional style.


China Clay Mid from Little Greene is a delightful shade of off-white which creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere. The clean lines and flat panels of the traditional kitchen style will be soaked up in this light hue showing off the perfectly painted wood grains. A great colour to team up with Ashes of Roses and China Clay.

You can’t go wrong with a neutral colour scheme for your hub of the home, and that is why here at Nicholas Bridger we love creating show stopping results with a light hue. We hand paint on-site once the kitchen has been built and create a beautiful brush stroke finish along the grains of the wood. Contact us today for more information – we would love to hear from you.