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A Versatile Palette of Red and Pink Colours from “Little Greene Paint Company” that can be used in any style of kitchen

Colour in a kitchen can transform a kitchen design. It can add warmth and character and be an on-trend colour that will never go out of fashion. You can either go subtle or bold, but if you decide to make an impact in your kitchen with a colour, red will instantly create drama, and pink will tell a sweet story. We use one of our favourite paint brands “Little Greene Paint Company” to bring an appetite to the kitchen space with a red or pink.

The colour red is traditionally an expensive colour to produce and the shades have always carried an air of opulence. It is a classic colour amongst the primary palette and traditionally represents love and power, with its attention-grabbing hue.

Historically the colour Pink is a name associated with yellow pigment. It was several hundred years later when the fashion industry was emerging that this family of soft, warm hues were associated with femininity. Little Greene joined forces this month (October) once again with Breast Cancer Haven to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. (Think pink with Little Greene).

The rich, bold red hue in our client’s kitchen makes this an inviting place to cook. A traditional Classic Shaker sits in this hub of the home featuring a two-tone colour scheme with the red being a prominent colour on the central island, making it the focal point for all who enters.

Some popular colours right now

Bronze Red

Bronze Red is one of the most popular reds from Little Greene, with its deep tones the colour will stand out alone. The name is more commonly known to describe the bronze lustre of printing ink, but taken from a late 19th century book of paint colours. It teams up with Hollyhock, Yellow-Pink and Mid Lead Colour perfectly and is great for a traditional style kitchen.


Drummond is a lighter version of Baked Cherry. It is a warm shade of red that is designed to transform any space. It will look great matched with Chemise and Starling’s Egg. With Victorian beading styled into the cabinets this colour will stand out and provide period features that you will love for many years to come.

Cape Red

Cape Red is a fun berry colour that can be used alone for maximum impact or as a powerful focal point within a muted scheme. It will look stunning next to the French Grey in a traditional style kitchen.


Carmine was a colour introduced by migrants from the Indian subcontinent. It is from the colour card of 1968 and is made up of a dusky pink. It teams up perfectly with Pink Slip and Loft White, and will create a pink hue amongst a traditional style.


Chemise is a delicate pink that brings warmth and intimacy to a room. It matches perfectly with Shirting and can provide a modern light hue to the traditional kitchen.

View more in the Little Greene – Red & Pink Collections on their website.

At Nicholas Bridger we love painting kitchens in colours from period times such as a deep red. We handpaint the kitchens on site with a beautiful brush finish that goes along the grains of the wood. Contact us today for more information and a kitchen design transformed with your favourite colour.