Join James, his guests and the crew to kick off the weekend in style!

Every Saturday morning @ 9:30 am James Martin graces our TV screen with his love and passion for food and what he is renowned for. It is filmed at his home with promises of inspirational recipes for the weekend, brilliant cooking hints and tips and appearances from celebrity guests.

Leading chefs will be on hand to share their favourite dishes and wine suggestions, as well as showcasing his usual mouthwatering dishes cooked within the award-winning Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. He is certainly one of our favourites and we can’t wait to watch him again this Saturday!

In this blog, we will talk about the biography of James himself, his delicious recipes and the appliances he cooks with, which are no other than Sub-Zero Wolf, marvellous features to the kitchen design.

The Life of James Martin

James Martin was born on 30th June 1972 in Malton, North Yorkshire. He became very interested in cooking at a very young age, with his passion for food beginning when his father took the role of catering manager at the Castle Howard estate. At the age of 13, a trip to the South of France in an HGV allowed him to experience good food and fine wine in some of the best chateaux in France.

  • In 1988 James started formal catering training at Scarborough Technical College, where he was ‘Student of the Year’ for three years running.
  • 1991 James moved to London to work at One Ninety Queen’s Gate, Alastair Little in Soho, The Square in Mayfair and Harvey’s in Wandsworth. These positions were under the guidance of chefs including Antony Worrall Thompson and Marco Pierre White.
  • 1993 James took up a position as a junior pastry chef at the acclaimed Chewton Glen.
  • Just a few weeks short of his 22nd birthday, James opened the Hotel and Bistro du Vin in Winchester as head chef.
  • 1996 he began his career in TV with The Big Breakfast and Ready, Steady, Cook and the next 10 years saw him film shows including Entertaining with James and Housecall.
  • 2006 he became the presenter of the BBC One show Saturday Kitchen. Presenting it up until March 2016, making is a Saturday morning staple which regularly attracted viewers in excess of 3.5 million.
  • Recently on the TV James has been on the screen for ITV touring the UK for James Martin’s Great British Adventure, America for James Martin’s American Adventure and France in Keith Floyd’s car for James Martin’s French Adventure.

The Sub-Zero Wolf Appliances

When watching James on Saturday morning you will notice a rather large built-in double oven complementing his industrial style home kitchen and the ultimate professional fridge freezer. The appliances are the Built-in M Series Professional Double Oven with the signature red knobs and the 1219mm Ultimate Professional Refrigerator Freezer with Glass Door.

Sub-Zero Wolf has become a favourite choice for leading chefs and celebrities throughout the years because of the industrial and robust feel. Each appliance delivers delicious results every time and has the performance to create a professional kitchen in your very own home.

Each Wolf appliance has been built to meet the unflinchingly high standards of professional chefs. The Wolf portfolio spans gas, dual fuel, induction and steam models, which come in a range of modern and classic designs.

Wolf built-in ovens complement and elevate your kitchen décor, without ever compromising on quality. Since the day that they were introduced, they have inspired choruses of acclaim cooks, bakers and designers alike. Never before have ovens incorporated so much innovation and precise control for consistently delicious results.

With a new wider spectrum of designs, the Wolf E Series and M Series ovens and Convection Steam ovens prove ideal for more homes than ever.

In our living kitchen showroom, we have the Built-in M Series Professional Single Oven available to look at and test for yourself.

Sub-Zero is more than just a refrigerator; it is a suite of food-preservation technologies that guards food’s goodness longer. They are themselves, built and tested for exceptionally long life- 20 years or more.

The Pro Refrigerator includes high performance through and through. Its vast interior, like its bold exterior, is crafted of stainless steel. This state-of-the-art appliance also embodies the Sub-Zero philosophy of “Freshness above all”. The glass door even has a food preservation feature: built-in resistance to ultraviolet light.

In our living kitchen showroom, we have the 914mm Ultimate Professional Refrigerator Freezer with Glass Door available to look at and test for yourself.

James is a loyal fan and owner of Sub-Zero Wolf, not only putting them to good use on his shows but in his previous and current homes too.

In his own words…

“For the kind of reliability and quality that is integral to storing superior food I depend on Sub-Zero every time.”

“I have always found the Wolf brand first-class, dependable and so easy to use, which is essential when cooking in a fast-pace environment like a busy restaurant kitchen.”

We are very proud to say we are premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf and we can guarantee that you will get delicious results everytime. Contact us today for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.

A selection of James Martin’s Recipes from Saturday Morning

Raspberry Millefeuille

This beautiful recipe is hot from James’ crème patissiere masterclass. It’s an elegant dessert, with crème patissiere, raspberries and buttery pastry, it will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth!

BBQ Chicken Wings and Fried Chicken with Chipotle Mayo

The BBQ chicken wings and fried chicken recipe is a great homemade comfort dish, perfect for the weekend!

Beer Can Piri Piri Chicken with Garlic Butter Jacket Potatoes

“Cooking on a beer can is nothing new: in Australia, they’ve been doing it for years. The secret to this unique way of cooking is that the beer keeps the inside of the chicken nice and moist while it’s cooking on the barbecue. You’ll need a barbecue with a lid, and you can cook the jacket potatoes in foil alongside. With added garlic butter at the end, this makes a truly delicious summertime meal”. – James


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