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Professional cooking equipment, making the most delicious pork chops from a luxurious meat company!

On Saturday 2nd November Joe Davis a Masterchef finalist came to our showroom in Bishop’s Stortford to cook up a storm on the Wolf Fuel Dual Range Cooker.

We first spoke with Joe Davis when he got in touch with us in October and discussed working with us to promote his new website @privatechefworld513 where you can search for the very finest chefs from around the country to cook at your event.

In this first video with Joe, he was supplied an incredible trimmed rack of Pork from @theluxurymeatboxcompany and he cut this into two Pork chops and served with roasted apple. It was truly spectacular and tasted divine!

Joe Davis is now the Private Chef on The Wentworth Estate, with his culinary journey first starting when appearing on BBCs MasterChef, cooking for food critics, celebrities and former winners. He used this amazing experience as a foundation to create and build his luxury private dining experience – The Private Chef by Joseph Davis Ltd.

With many years of catering for people’s special events, former presidents, celebrities and bankers it has lead Joe to the realisation of a dream!


  • Rack of Pork from The Luxury Meat Box Company
  • Butter
  • Pink lady apples
  • Salt and pepper to season


  1. Preheat the griddle and oven to a high temperature.
  2. Cut the rack of pork into chops. Joe cut two. He also said that the whole rack would be perfect for a Sunday roast dinner.
  3. Brine the chops overnight in the fridge to deliver a delicious flavour (chefs tip).
  4. To make the brine add water and salt in a bowl with a 10-1 ratio – salt to water.
  5. Take the chops out of the fridge and place on kitchen towel to remove the excess moisture to allow them to crisp up nicely when chargrilling.
  6. Place the chops onto the very hot griddle (to get the bar marks DO NOT move the chops).
  7. Griddle the chops for 5 minutes on each side
  8. Then place in the oven for a further 5 minutes with a little butter on each chop.

Chef’s cheat – adding the butter on each side of the pork chop adds flavour and tenderness.

9. Slice up the British apples into chunky slices and remove the core.

10. Check the pork in the oven and spoon the sizzling butter over each chop.

11. Remove the chops from the pan and leave to rest for 5 minutes on a plate.

Chef’s tip – resting the meat for at least the amount of time cooked in the oven adds another layer of tenderness to the meat.

12. Place the chunky apple slices into the pan with an additional chunk of butter to caramelise for a few minutes.

13. Add salt and pepper to season

14. Serve and enjoy!


The Wolf appliance Joe used was no other than the amazing robust award-winning Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker, complete with a chargrill and griddle –ICBDF484CG, to cook the succulent pork chops. A Wolf Dual Fuel Range delivers the best of both worlds. It will steal the show in any kitchen with its classic professional look, eye-catching cobalt blue oven interior and famous red knobs. Sculpted in heavy gauge stainless steel and tested to perform beautifully through decades of heavy, daily use.

Pull-out racks allow you to check your desired dish easily and the Dual Convection is a Wolf innovation allowing you to experience consistency and precision you never knew existed. Wolf’s smart technology uses two fans and multiple heating elements to precisely control the heat and airflow, producing a more uniformed temperature within the cooking appliance.

To rest the meat Joe used the Sub-Zero Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer With Internal Ice & Water Dispenser – ICBBI-48SID.

This refrigeration system features dual refrigeration technology, water filtration and air purification systems that guard freshness like nothing before. The advanced microprocessor controls and magnetic door seals, work together to form a food preservation system engineered, built and tested to perform like no other.

  • The NASA technology removes ethylene, mould bacteria and odours every 20 minutes.
  • The bright interior lighting illuminates the food on the shelves and in storage drawers when the unit doors are open.
  • Drawers are sealed to lock in humidity and freshness.
  • The internal ice and water dispenser keeps water and ice at your fingertips without losing the clean aesthetic that made Sub-Zero a leader in built-in design.

The Westin Cooker Hood eliminated unwanted smells and smoke from the kitchen area when cooking the pork chops on the Wolf Dual Fuel Range.

Westin is a well-established British manufacturer of beautiful and high-quality cooker hoods for domestic kitchens. These specialist cooker hoods are built to perform the job of removing steam, smoke and unwanted smells from the cooking environment. The stainless steel construction ensures long term durability and bacterial stability, as well as a beautiful finish to the kitchen design.

These specialist ceiling hoods are ideal for open-plan kitchens. They are most effective when mounted at the highest point of the ceiling, which provides extraction for the whole room.

This particular Westin cooker hood we used is the built-in over hob hood. They are designed to fit into a cabinet or mantel above the hob. They are great in extracting fumes within seconds and perfect if you want it hidden from the kitchen view.

Utensils and Equipment

Cutting the rack of pork into chops, Joe used the specially crafted Wolf knives. The Wolf stainless steel knives are designed to meet the demanding standards of professional chefs and are a perfect addition to a bespoke kitchen.

Wolf Gourmet cutlery merges the precision of Japanese style blades with the durability of German forging to inspire confidence in the kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just developing your skills in the kitchen, the right knife can make a world of difference.

To further cook the chops and sizzle the apples and butter Joe used a Wolf Skillet. Wolf stainless steel cookware has an aluminium core, that provides superior heat conductivity making it incredibly durable.

Find the full video below and also on our Instagram @handmadekitchenco.

Watch this space for more recipes from our Food Vlog…

If you would like to know more on Sub-Zero Wolf products and a bespoke solid wood handmade kitchen contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.