Keep your bottle of Wine or Champagne fresh and chilled from when first opened, with the help of a Kaelo Wine Cooler.

The kitchen is designed to be the main part of the home (the hub of the home), as well as a focal point, and a space for family and friends to enjoy spending time in.

Are you a fan of hosting? Whether it’s a casual afternoon or an evening of entertaining? The Kaelo is a perfect choice. Say goodbye to ice buckets and hello to a wine cooler that will make every drop the right temperature, and the taste it should be.

Ice buckets used to be popular, but as they make quite a bit of mess and they actually make the quality of the wine change, so not many people have them in their homes anymore.

The Story behind it…

Kevin Jabou the designer behind the Kaelo knew there was a better way of keeping a bottle of wine or champagne chilled other than an ice bucket. He set out with testing and trailing prototypes, thinking of ideas and processes to come up with a solution.

It took 7 years, and over 300 prototypes before cracking the technology and manufacturing to create what is known the Kaelo.

It has been designed in London and made by craftsmen in the Cotswolds. The craftsmen that worked with Kevin to design the Kaelo are at the heart of the story and got it to where it is today.

Why a Kaelo Wine Cooler?

The Kaelo will allow you to taste that crisp white wine or that sparkling champagne just how the makers intended.

It works in a very simple way with one touch, and is immediately ready to chill a bottle. Electricity is the only thing used within the Kaelo, which creates a cold-air jacket to keep the bottle cool and dry. You don’t have to refill with ice or water, you can just serve again and again with no mess or maintenance.

It has a cutting-edge design, where the temperature is carefully maintained so it doesn’t over cool and damage the flavour. There is no user control necessary, you simply place the bottle in at a certain temperature and Kaelo will maintain that temperature within 1 degree.

They are individually tested and must have perfect performance before being signed off. They also come with a 5 year warranty for a complete peace of mind.


  • It is made from aluminum to produce the chamber for performance and durability.
  • Each Kaelo comes with a stainless steel crown that is either brushed or polished.
  • There are other crown finishes you can choose from like Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Gold, Copper, Brass, Gun Metal and Charcoal.
  • The crown is seamless and sits flush against the worktop which brings beauty and functionality to the kitchen.
  • It is extra wide so it can fit up to Dom Perignon and Krug shaped bottles.
  • You can illuminate the cooler with 27 different colours to bring a sense of fun to the occasion or just use without.
  • It automatically maintains the bottle temperature at insertion.
  • It is pronounced “Kay-lo”.

“It really is a one-of-a-kind product”

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Below is the Kaelo wine cooler to try out in our showroom

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