As we near the end of January and the new year is in full swing, we often think about what kitchen design trends will be for 2019. In 2018, we saw banquette-style seating and two-toned kitchen cabinetry move forward in the kitchen design trends, and minimalistic styles and rose gold appliances became huge. In 2019 it is more about adding pops of colour and the design aesthetics of the kitchen.

Whether you’re planning on redeveloping your kitchen or want to get inspired for a simple refresh, below we have put together just a few of the design trends you will see in 2019.

Open Shelving

As a trend going forward, open-shelving is replacing kitchen upper cabinets, and making a bold statement where you can showcase your favourite things. They are inspired by hotels and retail spaces and create a clutter-free worktop environment.

Our client at our Whetstone project wanted to create an area for their special occasion glasses, and make them a statement in the hub of the home. We created open-shelving above the sink area for an area just for the glasses. It’s a real statement piece!

Our client at our Stamford project wanted to incorporate open-shelving in to their kitchen space where statement ornaments and pieces could be shown off. We built open-shelving either side of the range cooker, and made it a place where utensils can hang too for easy reach. It is all about the decorative little pieces!

Our client at our Stansted Mountfitchet project wanted a place to store their cookery books but have them on show. We created an open-shelf between the wall cabinets for easy reach and a neat and tidy place to show off their much loved recipe books.

Go Vintage

Natural stone, rattan furniture and more vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting will be a modern trend for 2019.

Nature of Wood

Nature creates a welcoming and calming environment, and a timeless, versatile material we love. It is a growing design style in modern history. Our client in the Hutton project wanted to create a welcoming and calming environment with nature itself. We built a sawn oak large seating area on to the island to create a focal point of natural beauty.

More daring colours for cabinetry

Lots of people are now making coloured cabinetry a thing of the future, and moving away from all white cabinets. The choice of colours are being paired beautifully with fixtures and features of brass and other metals.

Look at our project in Chelmsford where our client wanted to add a splash of colour to their kitchen cabinetry with an apple green. The choice of green matches perfectly with the feel of this traditional ktichen in the countryside.

Our client in Sheering also wanted to add a pop of colour to their cabinetry, and chose a bold royal blue. It perfectly pairs with the brass gold fixtures and features within this kitchen space. Our client in Sawbridgeworth added a pop of colour to their island to create a focal point and a two-tone colour scheme. The red stands out in this timeless style, offering character and creating a sense of drama.

Our client in Royston chose a two-tone colour scheme of different shades of blue to add colour to their cabinetry, and bring a sense of fresh air to the space.

Our client in Ongar chose a popular deep blue to create a timeless design. It looks great set against the stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

Classic and Modern rolled in to one

Lots of people are wanting their kitchen spaces to feel warm, welcoming and attractive. In 2019, the kitchen space will be a mix of classic and modern with modern amenities but still a classic touch.

Matte Black

Matte black in a kitchen space is always a certain style statement for kitchen fixtures, hardware accents and profile details. It is a way of creating drama without fully darkening the kitchen. They will continue to feature in homes for many years to come.

In our Royston project our client chose a matte black AGA for their kitchen space. In our Stamford project our client chose a matte black range cooker for their kitchen space.

Pewter and Gunmetal features

Pewter and gunmetal are becoming popular trends and very much loved pieces for a modern hub of the home. They are full of texture and depth, and they give a different aesthetic to brass, gold or chrome.

Coloured Upholstery

In 2019 we are saying goodbye to designs of pure white kitchens, and saying hello to pops of colour. Even if it’s just one element of colour for a suspending pendant or bar stools, these colours will certainly be sneaking through a blank canvas of white. Just like below in our project in Sawbridgeworth where our client added a chic touch with coloured mongolian cushions.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we love creating a kitchen space for you and your family that will last for many years to come and never go out of style. We have an exceptional attention to detail and fantastic sevice from start to finish and beyond. We look forward to hearing from you soon.