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The kitchen today is known as the ‘new living room’, where open-plan spaces are made to get the family and guests all together in the same space without getting in each other’s way. They are set out to be a multi-functional space where you can cook, eat, and most importantly relax together in.

Whether seating at the island/breakfast bar or a more formal dining table is for you, here at Nicholas Bridger we can design your kitchen around the functionality of your kitchen and how you want the space to be used.

Island and Breakfast bar Seating

The industrial style at the Hutton project below has been designed with the style in mind. The breakfast bar connected to the island is made of sawn oak to fit in perfectly with the industrial look, providing an informal seating area with five wooden chairs all in a row. It’s great for breakfast, quick family meals, to perch on for a catch up coffee, or children to do their homework.

The calm and relaxed style at the Classic Shaker Whetstone project below has been designed with entertaining in mind. With the very large island centered in the middle, it’s the perfect spot for guests and family to relax at without getting in the way of the host preparing the food.

The attractive and modern style at the Contemporary In-frame Sawbridgeworth project below, has been designed with a more informal seating area in mind. Our client wanted to choose a seating arrangement to go around the corner making the island a space for a more sociable conversation. The wooden stools covered in Mongolian cushions make it a worthy place to relax in with nibbles and bubbles.

The classic traditional style at the classic shaker project in Stansted Mountfitchet below has been designed with a clean and fresh look. The small island in this hub of the home features a wonderful place to catch up for a coffee and enjoy the surrounding fresh air space.

The modern twist created from the Traditional Shaker kitchen in Chelmsford below, creates a beautiful kitchen perfect for any home in the country or suburbs. With the apple green cabinetry and breakfast bar/island centred in the middle it’s a great place to pull up a chair and start a conversation.

The stunning Modern Shaker in London below has been built on being as versatile as it can be, with white leather bar stools creating a clean and contemporary look, it’s a quality place to crack open the champagne and talk to your guests.

The Rectory Red and London Clay Sawbridgeworth project below allows our client and their guests to sit at the island for a catch up coffee during the week, and entertain on weekends with the formal dining space to the back of the kitchen. It certainly is a place to host dinner parties due to it’s sociable space.

Dining Seating

The beautiful Victorian beaded Classic Shaker we created in Epping below has a seating and dining table opposite the main kitchen area. Behind and to the right of the dining table is our bespoke TV cabinet and dresser all hand painted, and an ideal place to watch morning TV while eating breakfast, and a great place to entertain at the weekends, with the dresser being behind where glassware and crockery is on hand.

The Whetstone, London project below is a large open-plan space that creates the best of both worlds for informal and formal dining, as well as a place to relax in. The dining table can seat quite a few guests and family members, and is close enough to the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine or finish off the food prep without the feeling of leaving the room.

The Hutton project below has the best of both worlds too in this spacious open-plan living space. With a low informal breakfast bar and a more formal dining table opposite the kitchen, guests can pull up a chair with a glass of bubbly and chat to the host while they put the finishing touches on dinner, and then can eat their meal on the dining room table where natural light floods in on them Summer days.

The London project below is our Modern Shaker Style, painted in light hues to to make the space bigger and brighter. With a dining table to the end of the island it allows the children and guests to sit whilst the dinner is being prepared, making it an area for low key meals and entertaining than sitting at a more formal dining table in a seperate room.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we create multi-functional spaces that play a key part in everyday living. If you would like to know more on building a much needed versatile space with adequate seating, contact us today- we look forward to hearing from you.