The kitchen is the heart of your home and is a key focus point for cooking and entertaining. Space is a priority in most kitchens, it needs to accommodate cooking habits and freedom to move around. A kitchen larder enables you to do this, it is the ultimate storage solution. Larders are making a big comeback and are being integrated as part of a kitchen design, in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. A kitchen larder is a great way of providing you with heaps of storage for your dried foods and goods. They are very practical as they allow you to keep everything accessible in one place. It is all too common that large quantities of food including herbs and packets etc; get lost at the back of cupboards and are forgotten about. A larder can prevent issues like this, with handy racks on the back of the doors, deep shelves and internal accessories, a larder makes it easy to see what you have in an organised space. They are available in different sizes and have different features depending on the purpose of use. Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we craft your Bespoke larder to suit your needs and requirements. From slimline to double doored, we can build your larder to fit almost any space in your kitchen.

Kitchens today are reaping the full benefits from having a larder. They can be modelled to suit your family’s lifestyle. You don’t have t have a large kitchen to accommodate a larder, they can be crafted to any size to cater for your needs. Today’s kitchens are cleverly designed to cater for a larder, hidden behind sleek full height units. With everything on one wall, the remaining space of your kitchen is freed up from wall units. This gives you a more streamlined, less cluttered feel which enables you more freedom of style and design. Many people love the idea of including a larder not their Kitchen. It gives them a feeling of traditional values when it comes to cooking and growing their own produce. The style, sophistication and practicality of the larder is perfect for avid cooks and busy families alike.


Built-In or Freestanding

A kitchen larder can be either built-in or freestanding. Built-in larders are better for smaller kitchens or those who want to maximise the available space. If you want your larder to fully integrate with your kitchen, then a built-in one will fit in seamlessly with your cabinets for a sleek and minimalistic look. A classic freestanding larder can become a feature in itself; with a broader design using freestanding furniture to compliment its presence.

The interior you choose depends on whether you decide to have freestanding or built in larder and the purposes of its use. With a variety of different materials and combinations of drawers, shelves and compartments; your freedom of design is almost endless. A kitchen larder can feature deep drawers, removable trays, wine racks and beautifully arranged doors which have handy racks on the inside for spices and jars. Adding shelves made from marble or granite are becoming increasingly popular as they can keep some foods relatively cool and fresh.


Your kitchen larder can be used for other purposes other than food storage. Those with a big collection of crockery can use a larder to store plates, bowls and cups etc in one handy place. If your larder is located between a cooking and dining area, then deep drawers and shelves are a great idea to hold linen, China, cutlery and crockery; so they are easily accessible when laying the table.

Most recently, kitchen larders are being transformed into breakfast dressers. These are designed to hold everything you need for breakfast time including; dried foods such as bread, cereals, preserves, tea and coffee. You can also add plug points, deep drawers and workstations to hold your electrical breakfast items such as a kettle and toaster. This is extremely handy and practical for busy families as it holds everything you need in one place and keeps mess and clutter to a minimum.


Larders can be integrated into almost any space and built to any size that suits your requirements. With a choice of single or double doors, slimline or double larders, integrated interiors, various racks, materials and drawers, the design ideas and uses are endless. Glass panes can also look contemporary and can be added to your larder for style and display purposes.

Whether your larder is freestanding or integrated, you have the option to have it natural or hand painted. With an extensive choice of colours, shades and finishes; you can turn your larder into a beautiful and timeless feature. Bright and bold colours are becoming increasingly popular for larders in modern kitchens, shades of white and pales greys can brighten up your kitchen and make it stand out. The larders interior can also be painted to give it a burst of colour when it is opened. For a more transitional style, larders look great in natural wood such as oak and walnut. Subtle colours can also give you more of a classic feel such as cream and plum.

Larders are the perfect storage addition to every kitchen big or small. A larder can transform your kitchen and enhance your lifestyle. It features practicality, beauty and sophistication, a perfect addition to your kitchen.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke kitchen larders then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Co. We also have a beautiful showroom, where you can come and view all of our fully functioning displays. We look forward to hearing from you.