With the kitchen being the heart of the home you want it to be designed in a way that is as multi-functional as it can be. Planning the appliance layout is a great way to create a harmonious atmosphere that will provide you with everyday food prep a delight.

First developed in the 1940s, the “working triangle” is also known as “the kitchen triangle”, where the three main areas of the kitchen such as the sink, refrigerator and stove work in a streamline workspace for the 3 fundamental tasks performed in the kitchen: cooking, food preparation and food storage. If you drew lines from each appliance they would all connect to create a triangle, hence the phrase “working/kitchen triangle”.

The layout is designed to ensure that the three main appliances within the hub of the home are unblocked, have easy access to them, and are within good reach of one another to waste time moving from one end of the kitchen to the other.

The different zone points of the triangle:

  • Hot Zone
  • Wet Zone
  • Cold Zone


The “kitchen triangle” can deliver lots of advantages to the kitchen space.

  • More room to perform specific tasks
  • The cook can get on with preparing meals without the unnecessary traffic through the cooking space.
  • The different activities that work within the kitchen space can be zoned off into each area without interfering with each other, to provide you with great cooking efficiency, such as the cooking area, dining area, and the entertainment area.

The “Kitchen Triangle” working in some of our Handmade Projects

Below in our classic shaker style in Woodford Green , the kitchen layout has been designed with the perfect ‘kitchen triangle’ where the three main points join in a triangle shape. Prepping and cooking food in this hub of the home will be a delight. The sink area is housed onto the island, where the hob and fridge has been designed into the main run of units.

Below in our Classic Shaker in Epping, Essex our client who is a professional chef knows exactly how a “kitchen triangle” works, and wanted to recreate this into their dream kitchen. The main kitchen is a U-shape layout with the range cooker, sink and fridge/freezer working in a triangle at the three points. The appliance layout works very well, with it being all close together providing the ultimate multi-functional kitchen and a delight to cook in.

Below in our Classic Shaker in Hutton, Brentwood the open-plan space has been well designed with the three main appliances. Within this beautiful in-frame classic style the sink and fridge/freezer are built into the main run of units on two points of the triangle, and the hob is housed onto the island for the third point of the triangle. It’s also a galley style kitchen that makes it easier for two people to use the kitchen at the same time, with there being adequate space to still work efficiently within the “kitchen triangle”.

Below in our Classic bespoke in-frame style in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex the three main appliances all work within a perfect “kitchen triangle” separated by a unique island and a U-shape layout. The hob and American fridge freezer are on two points of the triangle facing each other, and the sink is at the other point of the triangle. The space we created has been made to make it more enjoyable for our client to cook in and entertain their guests while still prepping and cooking.

Below in our Traditional Shaker style in Royston, Herts the perfect “kitchen triangle” has been created with the three main appliances making it a very versatile open-plan living space. The fridge/freezer and cooker are on one side of the run of units and the sink is opposite on the third point of the triangle. In this kitchen our client will waste no time in getting around the main areas of the hub of the home.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we love building multi-functional kitchens that are perfect for all of the family, and to make it a joy when even doing the most mundane tasks you do in a kitchen space. Create the ultimate “kitchen triangle” with one of our handmade bespoke kitchens in your space that works perfectly for you – we look forward to hearing from you.