To create the ultimate kitchen experience, well-planned kitchen lighting will transform an ordinary kitchen into a truly spectacular one. With a lighting plan in mind you will be able to differentiate between the different zones of your kitchen space such as the cooking area, dining area and relaxing area, as well as making it look bigger and brighter. Natural light is also considered in to making a great lit space.

The three main types of lighting you should consider in your kitchen space:

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting, where it plays an extremely important factor in your kitchen space. Because this is the main light of the room, it’s essential that the lighting promotes a comfortable level of brightness for you to be able to do every day tasks, without getting a headache.

Task lighting targets the main areas of the kitchen such as the worktops, cooker and sink. For you to be able to achieve specific goals with a great light, task lighting is a must.

Accent lighting is where specific lights can create extra drama to the space and draw attention towards a specific feature you want to stand out, such as the island or a particular shelf with those sentimental ornaments.

The use of light in our projects

In our fresh natural Epping project below ambient, task and accent lighting have been used. Our client has the ideal layout for their kitchen’s natural light, with the sink being underneath the window, and the dining table by a pair of french doors. The ceiling has been lit with lots of spotlights to create the most efficient ambient lighting, and task lighting has been built underneath the Classic Shaker cupboards for the perfect lit worktops. A stunning pendant also hangs above the dining table for more ambient lighting and a touch of accent lighting, lighting up the table with a decorative little piece.

In our industrial style kitchen in Hutton below three layers of lighting have been used to create an overall great kitchen experience in this Classic Shaker style. The whole space is filled with natural light from a whole row of sliding doors and ambient light has been created with lots of spotlights. Downlighters are used around the sink area for the perfect task lighting, and pendants delicately suspend above the dining table for more ambient lighting and a touch of accent to highlight the feature.

Below in our beautiful in-frame grey kitchen in Whetstone striking pendants suspend above the island in the centre of the room, to fill the space with adequate lighting, and create the island as a feature. Lots of spotlights are built into the ceiling of this kitchen, and a skylight has been built in above the dining table offering more light to this big and airy space.

Below in our luxury Classic Shaker in Stamford, lots of different pendants have been suspended above different areas of the kitchen space to illumintate the room. Lots of natural light also enters this hub of the home so task light is not lost.

Below in our chic spacious Classic Shaker in Sawbridgeworth, four pendants flow in a line above the island creating a great focal point and  perfect ambient, and task lighting. Spotlights fill the ceiling and underneath the cabinetry to provide adequate ambient and task lighting for the whole of the kitchen space, and cleverly designed light beams create the illusion of a suspended ceiling.

In our Modern Shaker style in London below our client has a very well natural lit kitchen space that offers the perfect ambient lighting. Pendants have been suspended above the island for the perfect accent lighting to highlight the island, and downlighters are placed around the space for extra task lighting.

Below in our Royston Traditional Shaker project, rustic beams and high ceilings allow lots of natural light to enter the room and make the space feel larger. Our client has also added spotlights into the ceiling and underneath the cabinetry for extra layers of light.

Below in our In-frame slab style project in Sawbridgeworth, lots of design statements have been made with the use of lights. A decorative light up tree sits on the island creating a stunning focal point, spotlights are built in to the ceiling and underneath the cabinetry for perfect ambient and task lighting, a string of lightbulbs hang delicately along the beam of the kitchen, and a large pendant suspends above the space.

In our Classic Shaker kitchen located in Stansted Mountfitchet below it features perfect layers of light. With spotlights installed in to the ceiling and under the cupboards, and natural light fulfilling the room, a perfect light plan has been formed.

Below in our Traditional Shaker in Chelmsford the room is well lit with natural light, as well as hanging pendants and spotlights. The vintage style pendants give the ultimate task and accent lighting, and adds a bold statement that adds warmth and depth to the space from the high ceilings.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we know how important it is to have a well lit hub of the home. Our handmade kitchens are of finest quality and are perfect for any lighting scheme. Contact us today to find out more- we look forward to hearing from you.