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Following on from the Italian pizza demonstration we have added Chocolate Fondants to the Food Vlog. This recipe was from BBC Good Food, a Gordon Ramsay recipe. He is one of our favourite chefs and shares no-fail classic recipes with BBC Good Food.

The chocolate fondant recipe is a gooey prepare-ahead desert that’s perfect for entertaining and very delicious to taste. You can freeze them up to a month, so if you were tight for time they could already be in your freezer for your house full of guests. To bake from frozen, just add 5 mins more to the cooking time.

Lucy-Jo demonstrated the chocolate fondants in a Nicholas Bridger handmade kitchen, the Bishop’s Stortford project, using Wolf appliances.

Chocolate Fondant Ingredients

  • 50g melted butter, for brushing
  • Cocoa powder, for dusting
  • 200g good-quality dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
  • 200g butter, in small pieces
  • 200g golden caster sugar
  • 4 eggs and 4 yolks
  • 200g plain flour
  • Vanilla ice cream to serve


Heavily brush melted butter inside the ramekins. Lucy prepared the ramekins earlier and placed them in the freezer to cool for (around 10 minutes).

Fill a saucepan with water, and slowly melt the chocolate and butter (we used a Wolf Induction Hob)

Lucy then took the ramekins out of the freezer and brushed a second coating of melted butter

Fully coat the ramekins with the cocoa powder to stop the fondants from sticking (“a little bit of extra cocoa never a bad thing” – Lucy).

Once the chocolate has melted, leave on the side to cool for about 10 minutes

In a separate bowl pour in the eggs and sugar and mix until it leaves a trail

Add the flour and whisk all together on a gentle speed to thicken the mixture

Add the cooled down melted chocolate to the egg and sugar mixture and mix again on a gentle speed for a few minutes

Tip the fondant mixture into a jug to pour equally and easily into the ramekins.

Preheat the oven to fan 180°C. Place the fondants on a baking tray, and cook for 10-12 mins until the tops have formed a crust and they have started to come away from the sides of the ramekins. Remove from the oven, and leave to sit for 1 min before turning out. (We used a Wolf Convection Steam Oven)

Lucy suggests using two oven gloves to remove the fondants from the ramekins as they are super hot.

Use a knife around the whole fondant to loosen from the sides of the ramekin to ensure it comes away nicely onto the plate and serve with a big scoop of icecream.

Now it’s for the million-dollar question – is it the gooey consistency we want…. YES!!!!

To melt the chocolate and butter we used the Wolf 914mm transitional induction hob – ICBCI365TF/S. Wolf Induction Hobs are powered by electromagnetic elements where they instantly heat up pots and pans with evenly distributed heat. You can sear, sauté and simmer with complete confidence. Wolf Induction Cooktops are 90-95% energy efficient where no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the pan.

They are a perfect addition to the kitchen space that enables you to have the perfect multi-zone cooking area, as well as a large heating space that’s perfect for any sized saucepan.

To cook the chocolate fondants we used the Wolf M-series convection steam oven with professional handle – ICBCSO30PM/S/PH. We used the convection function within the appliance to get the best results, and wasting no time the appliance was preheated very quickly making our chocolate fondants cook in no time.

The Wolf Convection Steam Oven is a versatile cooking instrument that allows you to do things that you have never thought was possible. It allows you to discover more nutrients and a very much delicious way of cooking. The oven’s unique digital technology senses the amount and size of the food being prepared and automatically adjusts the details of the cooking process to achieve results never before accomplished at home.

We used the Quooker water boiling tap also to speed the process up, and ensure we had boiling water to hand. The Quooker boiling tap is a true revolution. Henri Petreri the founder of the Quooker realised when developing instant soup in the 1970s that instant boiling water was missing. The Quooker is the safest choice for every household and is a very handy tap for the kitchen area.

Check out the full video on our YouTube channel below…

Watch this space for more recipes…

If you would like to know more on Sub-Zero Wolf appliances and a bespoke handmade kitchen contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.