Are you able to create an open-plan layout in your home? You are so lucky to have all that available space. This type of kitchen design is becoming more and more common in the modern home and we are loving it. We have worked on many open-plan projects. These types of kitchen layouts can be more challenging to make feel cosy, so we have put together a blog to show you how to make those spacious kitchens feel more inviting and homely.

Work with the structure

Work with the structure, the original features and the history of the building. You want the heritage of the property to stand out amongst your handmade kitchen. Bespoke furniture that’s built and designed around the original ceiling beams, a period fireplace, or adding a focal point in the room will help make the room naturally feel more welcoming.

Add soft furnishings

Introduce soft furnishings where you can which will help dampen any noise, but also help to make the room look more together and feel warmer. Many open-plan spaces have hard flooring and minimal internal walls, where the rooms can become quite loud and noisy.

Roman blinds, upholstery on a window seat, and even comfy velvet stools can either complement your kitchen furniture or add a striking accent colour that provides a focal point.

Opt for layered lighting

We always say to add layered lighting as this helps to zone the different areas. Task lighting is great for the kitchen area, but you can also use the mood lighting for cooking and then use it to entertain and relax. If you are wanting to create a multifunctional room, invest more time into planning your lighting scheme, to bring warmth and ambience to the kitchen.


We are seeing lots of open-shelving choices in a range of our projects. They help you to inject a personal style, as well as store useful items such as crockery books and plants, that look gorgeous on display. It’s a simple and effective way to make your kitchen feel more homely.

Extend the furniture

Why don’t you extend the bespoke furniture past the kitchen area? Add dressers, media units and bench-style seating in the same style as the cabinetry to make the room flow seamlessly.

Create a focal point

Create a focal point with a handmade mantle. You normally find them within a traditional country-style home, adding a warm and cosy feel. A mantel is to house the extractor fan, making this appliance discreet keeping it within the traditional design. You can also opt for a canopy that houses the extractor in the same way but doesn’t take up any additional worksurface.

Design a retreat

Create a separate area away from the main kitchen to relax in. You want the kitchen to feel like one but at the same time, you want to create extra purpose and different spaces to relax and socialise with friends and family.

The most inviting kitchens are the ones where the interior is seamless and meets the lifestyle needs of the homeowners. The kitchen always has and always will be, the heart of the home.

If you would like to know more about our open-plan designs contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We will give you expert advice and create a dream come true.