Pets are very loved in the UK and around the world, and with an estimated 20 million pets in the UK, that’s nearly one in every two homes, the kitchen space needs to be a safe place for our animals, and kept as clean as it can be.

Below we look at how we can create a pet-friendly kitchen, and how we have met the needs of our client’s in their hub of the homes for their animals.

Think of safety…

  • Pets love to consume things that they cannot always have like us, for example, chocolate. Keep food out of reach of wandering paws with handleless kitchen cabinets or inlaid handles that pets can’t open. Even putting child-proof latches on the cupboards will keep the most cleverest dogs out.
  • Opt for a pull-out bin built into the cupboard, so no pooches have the opportunity to chew through the bin-bags.
  • Always unplug appliances when not in use, and choose a kitchen design with storage solutions perfect to fit those appliances.
  • Remove breakable ornaments that could be knocked over, and read up on houseplants that could be poisonous to pets.

Cosy corner…

Our pets want to be a part of the family and daily life, so building in an area for a pet bed is a great idea to your kitchen layout. Your pet is able to snuggle while you do the daily chores and can share your mealtime with you (if your seating area is in the kitchen). You can incorporate a pet bed underneath the cabinetry or an over-hang (like the one in our Bishop’s Stortford and Chelmsford projects).

Pet proofing your kitchen…

  • Durable worktops are a perfect idea to build into your kitchen design. Choose a material that is durable and scratch-resistant, like granite or quartz.
  • Opt for cabinets that are easy to wipe, if they do get a little messy.
  • Add non-slip mats to smooth floors, to avoid your pet from slipping.

Keeping your kitchen clean with a pet…

  • Create easy cleaning with a laminate, a tiled floor, or vinyl. This will allow you to mop up easily and wipe away those muddy paw prints.
  • Clean as we go. It may feel and look like a dreaded task when we have to deal with muddy paws, drool, and shedding fur, but it can be pretty easy and will produce fantastic results after.
  • Choose a paint that is waterproof for a pet-proof wall. We want to be able to wipe away dirt and water easily.
  • Sweep up every day!!! It is surprising how much fur your pet can shred. This simple job will avoid a much larger job in the future!

Pet-friendly kitchens @ Nicholas Bridger

Our classic shaker project in Bishop’s Stortford provides the perfect retreat for our client’s loving family pet. We incorporated the dog bed area underneath one of the kitchen runs with purposely built drawers to store food, treats, grooming accessories, and waste bags. The easy-clean floor is the perfect choice for those muddy paws and wet spillages. I think our client’s dog loves this special pet area, that was designed purposely just for him!

Amongst the Traditional Country Shaker style in Chelmsford below, our client wanted their furry friend to have a space in their very much loved hub of the home, where they could be a part of the family’s everyday life and daily routine. With the U-shaped layout, we were able to incorporate a dog bed area underneath the peninsula made of granite and provide a comfy spot for him to sleep. A cupboard was then purposely built to store their food, treats, waste bags, and grooming accessories, for easy access and keeping everything together in one place. Granite was installed as the worktops as it is a durable material, and stain, and scratch-resistant. This is a great example of a perfect retreat, where the kitchen can still look stylish, prevents our client from tripping up over the scurrying paws, but also a homely place for our furry friend.

Our client in our recent project in Potters Bar has made their hub of the home pet friendly for their beautiful dog, as you can see below. The type of flooring chosen is perfect to clean up those muddy paw prints, and a section has been created just for the furry friend. We think he approves!

Our client’s dog certainly loved how we made their kitchen pet friendly, with the finishing touches we designed into the Contemporary In-frame slab project below. Our client opted for handleless cabinets that their little pooch cannot open, and hazardous items are stored away in the correct places. Quartz was chosen for the worktops as this is a hardwearing material, easy to maintain and scratch and stain-resistant, and an easy-clean-up floor was laid down to tackle the mud and water as soon as they become visible.

Here at Nicholas Bridger, the design process is key in maintaining the perfect heart of the home for you and your animal. Keeping in mind your pet, we will be able to make it as pet-friendly as it can be. Contact us today for more information- we look forward to hearing from you.