You want to get the most out of your kitchen space, and within every one of our bespoke kitchens, there is a world of endless designs and possibilities that will do just that.

Even if you don’t have the biggest of spaces you can still design the most beautiful of kitchens with all the storage and sunlight you need.

Pantries and larders…

Pantry cupboards and larders are becoming increasingly popular in modern designs and lots of our customers have added this storage system to their styles.

They were placed traditionally downstairs in large Victorian houses to store cooking essentials, fine silverware and valuable ingredients. Today’s modern pantries are used to store dry goods and cans and even vegetables.

Shelves, door racks and integrated drawers are now being designed within making them perfect to store everything.

You can organise your kitchen pantry or larder to suit you and your family’s needs and have everything in one place for that one easy reach.

In the kitchen we designed below, our client has created their pantry into a bar area full of their favourite drinks.

Natural light…

Natural light plays a key part in maximising space in a kitchen. You want to make the room feel open and as spacious as you can.

Add a skylight if possible, this will flood the light in and create an airy room.

Keep windows free from wall cupboards so that natural sunlight is not blocked out.

In the kitchen below, our client wanted to brighten up their space even more with a magnificent skylight. They did just that, and it has created a generous space for all the family to enjoy.


Shelving is a great storage solution and provides extra space to place your favourite pieces as well as the key essentials that make up a kitchen. Shelves also break up a run of cabinets so it doesn’t look too cramped.

In the kitchen below, we broke up the run of units and designed a shelf for our client to place their favourite cookery books.

Colour palette…

Choosing a light colour palette will create an illusion of more space. Light will then bounce from each of the cabinets to open up the room. You may want to add colour to your kitchen, so a two-tone design is also a great idea to incorporate a different colour scheme and allow dark and light colours to work together.

You can see in this hand painted solid wood kitchen below, a two tone kitchen we created using light and dark colours to bounce the light.

Floor to ceiling…

Cabinets from floor to ceiling will ensure you are maximising the most of your space.

The versatile kitchen we created below has floor to ceiling cabinets for the ultimate storage. No space goes to waste and every gap is filled.

Hanging space…

Hanging kitchen items on a hanging rail will free up space in your cupboards and on the worktops. They add character to the kitchen design and will maximise your space even more.

The kitchen we designed below has incorporated hanging rails into the style to hang our customer’s kitchen essentials and create a home for those favourite ornaments.

We would love to hear from you if you are looking to get the most out of your space. We have many years of design experience, and we can build a kitchen that is personal and unique to you through intelligent design and smart decisions. Pop down to our showroom in Great Hallingbury, Essex or contact us now.