In our showroom, we have recently completed a display with the Natufia Kitchen Garden and the latest 36-inch Sub-Zero Professional Refrigeration with our traditional shaker furniture amongst it, showing you just how beautiful and amazing this set up really is, side by side!

Pop down in general or book a design appointment to start planning your kitchen and to hear about these new products, and how they will give your bespoke kitchen a design statement that will have all who enters envy!

We love a green hue here at Nicholas Bridger, so we handpainted the solid wood kitchen cabinets in Studio Green by Farrow & Ball and the surrounding wall in Green Smoke also by Farrow & Ball.

Studio Green is a deep, dark green which is Farrow & Ball’s darkest green and is one of the first paints they ever created. The rich pigments within respond extraordinarily to all types of light and magically appear much greener than on the colour card. The deep hue appears almost black unless in very well lit rooms.

Green Smoke is a dark and smoky green that was popular in interiors during the late 19th century. It has an irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity when used in exterior situations while evoking calm and serenity when used inside.

Below we will talk about each appliance separately and why you should consider them in your handmade kitchen as the finishing touch.

Natufia – The Kitchen Garden

We are the UK’s first distributor of the Natufia Kitchen Garden. This amazing piece of technology provides you with the freshest ingredients grown in your own home. I’m sure you agree that nothing beats the freshness and the reward you get knowing where your herbs and vegetables are coming from.

The Natufia is the next level of kitchen design, functionality, and technology for ultimate wellbeing and ergonomics. With the large space, it can hold 32 different plants with a fully automatic system that takes care of them 24/7 so you can focus on what’s most important to you and enjoy fresh greens whenever you want. Lots of people opt for organic food, so what’s more fun than growing organic food right in your kitchen!

The Natufia Kitchen Garden has been designed to fit seamlessly into a kitchen style that introduces a robust capability to grow your own food in your designer home.

A handmade kitchen from Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company is a great way to showcase one of these innovative and luxurious appliances. We have many styles to choose from, Classic Shaker, Traditional Shaker, Modern Shaker, Contemporary In-Frame to create a kitchen that allows you and your family to enjoy fresh, healthy food from the comfort of your home all year round.

This amazing appliance was born after a meeting between a serial entrepreneur, a hydroponics genius, an interior designer and a chef discussing their worries about how the food industry was damaging the original taste of food, the damage it was having on our health and to the environment. It took an intensive 4 years of research, investments, and efforts, for Natufia labs to become a leading research centre and a specialized manufacturer of high technology for hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share Natufia’s vision.

It is a fully automated hydroponic solution that integrates into high-end homes and professional kitchens and allows us to eat fresh herbs and vegetables without pesticides, reducing waste, carbon footprint and recovers the real taste of ingredients on our plate. It works just like a Nespresso machine and is approved, used and recommended by many chefs among Simone Zanoni. Even some of the greatest kitchen designers, Bulthaup, SieMatic and Poliform are already integrating the Natufia Kitchen Garden in their designs for their clients in various locations around the world.

The hydroponics within the kitchen garden was founded by William Frederick Gericke in 1937. He proved his colleague’s doubts wrong by growing a 7.5-metre high tomato plant using only water and nutrients.

These special systems are based on water-nutrient solutions, but only use a fraction of the amount of water. This is because in most hydroponic systems the water is reused. Growing your own leafy vegetables and herbs within your kitchen allows you to eat the food, which is always fresh and at the peak of its ripeness.

Since having the Natufia installed at the Handmade Kitchen Company, we have grown our own fresh herbs and even put them into our very own recipes. You will be able to see this for yourself when visiting our showroom or watching our food vlogs.

Sub-Zero 36-inch Professional Refrigeration

This ultimate professional refrigeration system with freezer is born from 100% steel and is the first in the Pro range to be built with the award-winning NASA technology. It is nothing less than a masterpiece of preservation, with a design sculpted in metal it makes for a bold statement piece in the hub of the home. It has a width of 914mm and a stylish glass door that adds to the design aesthetics.

Sub-Zero Wolf appliances are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing a professional quality to the home. They set the scene for good food and conversation with friends and family.

Sub-Zero Wolf are hugely proud of their industry-leading appliances and we are very proud to be premier dealers of these marvellous and exciting appliances here at Nicholas Bridger. Lots of leading chefs and celebrities choose Sub-Zero Wolf for their robust, industrial feel which delivers fantastic results every time, to a similar performance as in a professional kitchen.

From state-of-the-art cooking appliances to cold store technology, Sub-Zero Wolf has everything to make your kitchen have the best possible features to become a professional chef in your own home.

The Sub-Zero 36-inch Professional Refrigeration has been designed with the outstanding dual refrigeration allowing the units to have separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer. This allows for fresh food to stay fresher for longer in moist air on one side, while dry air prevents frost and freezer burn on the other.

Inside this outstanding professional appliances is a sliding glass cover that keeps the produce perfectly fresh, while allowing you the perfect bird’s eye view of your fruits and vegetables. Customisable compartments within allows you to organise your produce exactly how you want it, and two slide-out stainless steel, ovenproof bins can be used for marinating and storing foods.

Building this appliance in a handmade kitchen will deliver style, performance, and freshness like no other. It will fit seamlessly into whatever style you choose from, Classic, Traditional, Modern or Contemporary In-frame.

Sub-Zero products are built and tested for exceptionally long life of 20 years or more. They also preserve something else with your originality that offers the most sizes of any brand and infinite ways to customise.

Contact us today for more info on the Natufia Kitchen Garden and the Sub-Zero Pro 36 refrigeration, and how we can incorporate it into your perfect kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you