Have you ever thought of a kitchen garden? Look no further, you have come to the right place…

We are excited to announce that we are the UK’s first distributor of the NATUFIA Kitchen Garden, providing you with the freshest ingredients, grown in your own home. Nothing beats the freshness and the reward you get knowing where your herbs and vegetables are coming from.

It is the next level of kitchen design, functionality and technology for ultimate wellbeing and ergonomics. It has space for 32 different plants with a fully automatic system that takes care of them 24/7 so you can focus on what’s most important to you and enjoy fresh greens whenever you want. Lots of people opt for organic food so what’s more fun than growing organic food right in your kitchen!

History of the NATUFIA

The Natufia was born after a meeting between a serial entrepreneur, a hydroponics genius, an interior designer and a chef discussing their worries about how the food industry was damaging the original taste of food, the damage it was having on our health and to the environment.

After 4 years of research, investments and efforts, Natufia labs became a leading research centre and a specialized manufacturer of high technology for hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share Natufia vision about original taste, traceability, pesticides, GMOs, herbicides, and the responsibility we all have towards our planet.

What is the NATUFIA

The Natufia Kitchen Garden is a fully automated hydroponic solution that integrates into high-end homes and professional kitchens and allows us to eat fresh herbs and vegetables without pesticides, reducing waste, carbon footprint and recovers the real taste of ingredients on our plate. It is currently the only home hydroponic solution that allows to grow almost anything, all year round, simultaneously and in good quantity, right in the kitchen. It works just like a Nespresso machine, and is approved, used and recommended by many chefs among Simone Zanoni. Some of the greatest kitchen designers, Bulthaup, SieMatic and Poliform are already intergrating the Natufia Kitchen Garden in their designs for their clients in various locations around the world.

  • Farm-to-table: Cannot be more traceable than being right in your kitchen. Cannot be more organic than being hydroponic with purely organic inputs.
  • True Original Taste Recovered: Even if products that are certified as “organic”, can loose the original taste of things sometimes. Natufia have found the true tastes again from fresh ingredients and many chefs love them. Music apparently helps too.
  • Autonomy with sophisticated effortless gardening: Only a cartridge needs to be changed every month to create self-sufficient greens for all the family.
  • Varieties / yield / size / price optimized: The true technological and design achievement of the Natufia Kitchen Garden is to have minimized full automatization technologies that are normally only possible with larger hydroponic plantations; while at the same time allowing for growing a variety of different species. An attractive cabinet that fits in most professional or home kitchens, all at an accessible price.

The hydroponics

William Frederick Gericke introduced the modern term, hydroponics, to the world in 1937. His colleagues were not sure on the growing of plants in nutrient and water solution, but he quickly proved their doubts wrong by growing a 7.5 meter high tomato plant using only water and nutrients.

Hydroponic gardening has many environmental benefits. These special systems are based on water-nutrient solutions, but only use a fraction of the amount of water. This is because in most hydroponic systems the water is reused. Growing your own leafy vegetables and herbs within your kitchen allows you to eat the food, which is always fresh and at the peak of its ripeness. The Natufia Kitchen Garden helps to promote urban gardening which does not require additional land. The plants are grown in a controlled environment, and this in turn eliminates the need for chemical sprays and pesticides.

Gardening with the Natufia

  • Select the seeds that you want to grow in your kitchen garden. Grow anything from Basil to Lemon Grass, or a seed packet of nutrient rich micro greens.
  • Place the seeds into the nursery tray, this is where you plants will first start their journey.
  • Transfer the seedlings into the cups of the machine. The cups are pore-less, which helps to minimize bacteria and keeps the plants healthy.
  • Relax and see your plants start growing. Watering the plants is fully automated, with water cascading from the top of the system down to each cup, ensuring each plant receives the necessary amount of water and nutrients.
  • The indoor growth conditions are controlled by smart sensors for temperature and humidity balance as well as the nutrients and pH levels of the water. You can adjust watering settings and monitor the growth of the plants.
  • Once the produce is ready to harvest you can enjoy these delicious home grown ingredients.

Fitting in with a Handmade Kitchen

The Natufia Kitchen Garden has been designed to fit seamlessly into a kitchen style that introduces a robust capability to grow your own food in your designer home. A handmade kitchen from Nicholas Bridger is a great way to showcase one of these innovative and luxurious appliances. Choose from our Classic Shaker, Traditional Shaker, Modern Shaker, Contemporary In-frame ranges to create a timeless kitchen that allows you and your family to enjoy fresh, healthy food from the comfort of your home all year round.

Contact us today for more info on the Natufia Kitchen Garden and our brand new Sub-Zero Pro 36 refrigeration, and how we can incorporate it into your kitchen design – we look forward to hearing from you