Professional chefs choose gas cooking control and there is a good reason why. All the power is in the signature famous red knobs that take centre stage on the front as they control the cooking and temperature around the elements. The patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners take control to a new level. The upper-tier burner delivers maximum power and heat transfer at higher settings; the lower-tier burner handles the subtleties of simmering and melting.

The Wolf Burner Range Tops don’t only look good within your handmade kitchen but their performance is outstanding. You can take on any culinary challenge with its irresistible invitation to cook delicious meals for you and your family. It is the ideal companion for Wolf built-in ovens too, so it will definitely look seamless within your kitchen design.

There are many different configurations for the range top, wherever you start, both your cooking and kitchen planning will lead to a satisfying finish.

Sub-Zero Wolf has just recently added to their collection of range tops and added these two different sized appliances each with a wok. They have established themselves as the appliance brand of choice for leading chefs from James Martin to Gordon Ramsay. The leading-edge design that the Wolf Rangetop provides will give you a passion for cooking every day and create dishes you only ever dreamed of.

Below we will look at this new appliance in more detail.

The specialized burner that is built within this impressive product harnesses Wolf’s legendary performance and applies it to the dynamic wok cooking tradition. Every detail allows the wok pan ring to cook a host of cooking techniques.

Wolf Sealed Burner Range Top, 2 Burner & Wok

Wolf Sealed Burner Range Top, 4 Burner & Wok

  • The wok burner aptly handles the gamut of wok cooking techniques with equal precision, from searing highs of 35,000 Btu to simmering lows of 3,500 Btu
  • The burner grate on the wok section extends the capability enabling use with flat-bottom pans
  • Maintain control with dual-stacked burners that go from 20,000 Btu down to a mere breath of flame
  • The flame from the wok burner focuses the heat in the centre of the wok pan and creates graduated temperature zones along the sides
  • The porcelain-coated cast-iron wok ring cradles a traditional round-bottom wok, offering extreme pan manoeuvrability and the ability to angle the pan towards the cook for convenient access to contents
  • You can simmer and melt sauces, soups, and marinades easily with the lower tier of the dual-stacked burner
  • Move pots and pans effortlessly across the continuous cast-iron gates
  • The dual-stacked, sealed burners reignite the flame automatically with a spark ignition system, maintaining temperature control and safer cooking
  • Match with other Sub-Zero & Wolf products


If you would like to know more about Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. Our bespoke kitchens are the perfect furniture to complement these award-winning appliances and the robust stainless steel is a wonderful finishing touch.