No Space for an Island? Design a Portable Island into the Kitchen

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The kitchen island is on every kitchen wish list due to their functionality and design. Lots of us dream of having a statement island in the centre of our kitchen providing the space with extra worktops, storage and a seating area. They can also form a boundary between the cooking zone and living/dining area within an open-plan space.

Islands can be all shapes and sizes. They can be long and slim running parallel to the work area, neat and round in a smaller space or built on a larger scale that houses a sink and appliances.

In some kitchens, due to their size or layout, a fixed island is just not possible. At Nicholas Bridger, we came up with a bespoke portable island that is instantly accessible but also fits neatly underneath the kitchen worktops for a clean and sleek look. They are also known as kitchen island carts when you start to research about them.

Our project in Chigwell featuring our stunning modern shaker style was the first to have a handmade bespoke portable island. It was designed into the L-shaped layout where there was the perfect space for it. A fixed island wasn’t an option in our client’s home due to the size and shape of the kitchen, so a portable work surface was the next best thing. This practical surface allows our client to position it wherever they want within the space.

The size is perfect for foot traffic around it when being used anywhere in the kitchen and it gives our client that extra worktop when preparing. It neatly fits back underneath to keep out the way when not in use.

The solid wooden finish gives durability and a long-lasting finish and the chrome wheels complete the look. Our client opted for the island to be hand-painted in Strong White by Farrow & Ball to match with the main kitchen design. It also features the quartz worktop that has been used for the rest of the kitchen.

With it being truly bespoke you can choose from a solid wood top to a quartz or granite top.

The different angled photos of this handmade kitchen show just how easy it is to pull out this brilliant kitchen idea. It has proven to be a firm favourite on our social channels and many clients are enquiring about them.

Here at Nicholas Bridger, we pride ourselves in giving our client’s the best service possible as well as creating their dream luxury kitchen with the perfect kitchen additions. Are you thinking of adding an upcoming trend to your modern kitchen? Contact us today to find out more on portable kitchen islands – we look forward to hearing from you.