We are pleased to announce that we use paint from another respectable paint company known as “Paint & Paper Library” for our handmade bespoke kitchens. Their inspiration for their paint colours come from historic, traditional and contemporary interiors that are designed to influence and inspire. The collection of colours are carefully selected into a wide range of Architectural paints and Original colours that are perfect for traditional handmade kitchens as well as contemporary.

A little History

Paint & Paper Library was founded over twenty years ago in London by interior designer David Oliver. David had visions of offering a distinguished palette of 180 unique colours for interior decorators, architects and specifiers worldwide. Because the paint is manufactured to exceptionally high standards in the UK, Paint & Paper Library has been officially accredited by RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Their colours have been found in some of the most prestigious properties around the world, creating an unrivalled balance of colour, mood and light in contemporary interiors. The carefully thought out palette comprises “Architectural Colours” a proven range of stepped shades specifically designed to bring subtle depth to neutral schemes and “Original Colours” inspired by historical, traditional and contemporary interiors.

Designer Paint

The paint colour palette from Paint & Paper Library includes 180 carefully considered shades that will suit any traditional or contemporary kitchen design.

Architectural Paint

The Architectural Colour palette of 85 colours presents a neutral colour scheme, of various white, pale grey and blue paints to complement your interior decorating palette. Highlight architectural features using the scale of colours, light to dark, derived from the same pigment.

Original Colours

Complement your colour scheme with the 85 “Original Colours”. Create colour accents and highlights with the deep, rich hues. The collection of bold blues, greens, yellows and reds offer high-quality, lasting colour, and are perfect for a central kitchen island.

Complementary Paint Finishes

Paint & Paper Library paint finishes are designed to consider natural and artifical lighting, to create the perfect backdrop. Choose from Architects’ Matt and Pure Flat Emulsion, to Oil-based Eggshell and Gloss Paint.

Origins of Colours

Paint & Paper Library paints are designed to give a profound depth of colour by using only the finest pigments and ingredients. Many of the colours have been found in some of the most prestigious properties around the world and this has been reflected in the colour palette.

Some of the colours that have historical or travel related provenance.

Georgetown– Georgetown is a deep and rich colour of polished wood, inspired by one the world’s leading Universities in Washington, USA.

Drakensburg- Drakensburg is a redolent of the highest mountain range in South Africa.

Paris Rooftops– Paris Rooftops is warm, charcoal tone that represents Zinc cladding on Parisian roofs.

Rouge II – Rouge II is taken from the State Rooms of the first and second French Empire.

Teal– Teal is a Parisian blue-green taken from an 18th Century salon on the Rive Gauche.

Bettlenut– Beetlenut is rich and exotic in colour. Inspired by the chewing of the infamous South Asian nut.

Complementary Colours

The intuitive colour palette is the ultimate tool for Architects, designers and home enthasiasts as they have closely edited and aligned the colours to deliver intuitive cohesion and continuity from colour to colour.

They have created the “Original Colours” and “Architectural Colours” ranges to combine with eachother to create an effortless, complementary result.

On the lower section of the Colour Card, the “Original Colours” can be found and used independently or as part of a scheme to add more strength and depth to any interior.

On the top half of the Colour Card, the “Architectural Colours” can be found to provide an ideal match for any scheme, due to the subtle graduation in strength of pigment.

Combining Light and Dark Colours

The Light and Dark colour palette from Paint & Paper Library include an understanding of colour balance, mood and light in contemporary interiors, and how the design of these colours reflect the ethos on which the company was founded over more than 20 years ago.

Strong Contrast

To create a strong contrast use mid-strength colours at opposite ends of the spectrum. The contrast between these colours will create a gentle tension within the scheme.

Light Contrast

To create a light contrast, use two neutral colours of similar strength to combine with eachother to create a subtle, gentle contrast. The use of a darker tone can create a grounding depth, and a lighter tone can create more drama.

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