High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. With many different material options, it can be hard to choose which product is best for you. One of the highest quality materials which is dominating the market is Acrylic.

Solid acrylic doors such as Parapan®, are sleek, beautiful and give you a sleek, shiny high gloss finish. Parapan doors are composed of 18mm thick acrylic which makes them solid all the way through. Because of this, solid acrylic doors are extremely durable, stain resistant and non porous. They are significantly more expensive than other acrylic options but due to their longevity and quality; they last a lot longer than budget materials.

Here at Nicholas Bridger Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we are proud to use premium quality Parapan doors for high gloss kitchens. Our Parapan doors are the best quality of high gloss kitchen doors available on the market. Every single Parapan kitchen is bespoke to your unique design and can be thermoformed into curves or rounded to fit into almost any space.

Many people get confused between acrylic coated doors and solid acrylic doors such as Parapan. Solid acrylic is the only one which is completely solid all the way through, whereas acrylic faced doors are made from MDF board which is coated with acrylic. Parapan kitchen doors are proven to be hard wearing, waterproof, easy to clean and very hygienic. They are available in 24 stunning and vibrant colours, with a smooth, high gloss reflective finish. They are also UV and fade resistant so the colour wont fade over time. Another key benefit of Parapan is that it is very environmentally friendly as it contains no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, solvents or synthetic resins.

High gloss finishes are stunningly beautiful providing that they are of high quality. The cost of repairing or replacing acrylic faced, lacquered or laminated doors can be significantly higher than the original price of Parapan doors. Because of this, it is considered the best quality high gloss product available on the market today.

Here at Nicholas Bridger Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, all of our Parapan high gloss kitchen are fully bespoke and crafted to suit your specifications. This allows us to create beautiful modern kitchens with personal touches and a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your individual requirements. With even the smallest of details, you get to fully customise your Parapan kitchen choices through a wide range of colours and designs.

We also have a range of high gloss exotic wood veneers which are visually stunning. They are a perfect choice for those who want a sleek wood design to be a key focus point or to match other kitchen furniture.

If you would like any more information about Parapan High Gloss kitchens or any other of our luxury veneers or exotic door ranges, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have a fully functioning showroom where you can view all our high gloss doors in a beautiful display. We look forward to hearing from you.

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