Perrin & Rowe is a British manufacturer that was formed in 1978 in Rainham, Essex. They have achieved a sustained level of growth and innovation that few other British companies can claim. Their products and designs have established them as a leader in today’s world wide brassware industry. The brassware produced is second-to-none sitting perfectly within your new handmade kitchen.

With Perrin & Rowe handles you can match these to their beautiful tap designs and ground breaking water filtration technology. As you scroll down you will see these remarkable handles in some of our kitchen designs.

At Nicholas Bridger we are please to announce and supply Perrin & Rowe handles to our clients. What we love is that there are a range of finishes on offer to compliment the taps, such as Chrome, Nickel and Pewter. We have suggested to many of our clients on trying traditional shaped handles in metallic finishes other than traditional silver/stainless steel to finish off our Modern Shaker style designs.

A little history on Perrin & Rowe

Founded in 1978 in Rainham, Essex, the British award winning products from Perrin & Rowe are now exported to over 20 countries including Europe, Russia, North and South American, the Far East and Australasia, and installed in the most stunning and luxurious hotels, resorts, spas and private residences. Every piece of Perrin & Rowe brassware is engineered from approved materials to deliver their standards they are known for.

Bob Perrin & Greg Rowe had a vision to manufacture the highest quality brassware. Their determination was to blend original design with engineering excellence. They have controlled the entire manufacturing process in the UK, from concept design through to prototyping, casting, machining, soldering, polishing, plating, assembly, testing, logistics and after sales service.

Through their years of producing high-quality products, they introduced furniture handles to the range, where a selection of designs were carefully thought out, to provide a consistent look across the entire kitchen scheme.

Perrin & Rowe Handle Collection

Shell Drawer Handle

Large Rounded Drawer Handle

Small Rounded Drawer Handle

Large Contour Drawer Handle

Small Contour Drawer Handle

Large Button Drawer Handle

Small Button Drawer Handle

Small Concave Drawer Handle


Chrome Finish- The chrome finish is a shiny finish with a hint of blue for a classical or contemporary feel.




Nickel Finish- The nickel finish is a shiny finish with a golden glow. If left, nickel will develop an aged patina and an occasional polish will restore its original gleam.

Pewter Finish- The pewter finish is a brushed nickel finish that perfectly complements stainless steel sinks and appliances.

Gold Finish (special finish)- The gold finish is made with real gold, and will give a luxurious look that lasts.

English Bronze (special finish)- The English bronze is a rich metallic brown finish with subtle notes of orange and copper.

Polished Brass (special finish)- The polish brass finish gives a quality appearance, radiating a warm finish with coppery undertones.

Satin Brass (special finish)- The satin brass finish has strong undertones of yellow orchre, giving a more matte look to the polished brass finish.

Aged Brass (special finish)- The aged brass is a darker finish with a tarnished, aged look. It creates a vintage design with an urban twist.

Classic Shaker- Woodford Green

In the new renovated extension on this large property in Woodford Green, an update has been completed on the original kitchen that was originally built 3 years ago by us for the propety’s previous owner. We fitted the existing kitchen with polished Chrome Perrin & Rowe knobs & handles, and hand painted the kitchen in Farrow & Ball Railings which is a lovely soft black with blue undertones. The polished chrome design matches perfectly against the industrial feel of this kitchen.

Classic Shaker- Hutton, Brentwood

In our handmade project in Hutton, we added two types of Perrin & Rowe chrome handles and knobs to complement the Perrin & Rowe polished chrome taps with a kitchen style in mind. They are set off well next to the deep, alluring blue hand painted on the cabinetry, and make easy access to the soft-close drawers and cupboards.

Classic Shaker- Whetstone

In our handmade project in Whetsone, our client hand selected chrome handles to match perfectly with the Perrin & Rowe tap within this light hue traditional shaker style. A perfect choice to team up alongside the fixtures and fittings and make a dream kitchen for many years to come.

Traditional Shaker- Ongar

In our handmade project in Ongar, polished Perrin & Rowe chrome handles and knobs fill the space with a luxurious style and a beautiful finish against the popular blue, which is “Railings” from Farrow & Ball. They were also matched to the Perrin & Rowe taps to make a perfect kitchen.

Classic Shaker- Epping

In our handmade project in Epping, Perrin & Rowe chrome handles were fitted to the Victorian beaded classic shaker. They were matched to the chrome Perrin and Rowe taps, and made to stand out against the two-tone colour scheme. The beaded trim on the luxury chairs complement the handles too!


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Contact us today to find out more on the Perrin & Rowe handles- we look forward to hearing from you.