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We love the Sub-Zero Over and Under Refrigerator/Freezer with French Door for a number of reasons. Firstly Sub-Zero appliances are robust and award-winning, which is why many celebrities and chefs love this brand, and secondly, it’s available in two different sizes to fit within any kitchen space perfectly. The clean stainless steel design has been made using exceptional materials and features that beautiful grille above, as well as keeping within the state-of-the-art technology it has been designed with – keeping your food at its very best for as long as possible.

There are many other reasons why we have fallen in love with this refrigerator…

What sets a Sub-Zero fridge freezer apart from other brands is the temperature precision within. The built-in combination unit means that both fridge and freezer have separate cooling systems, meaning neither one is working too hard and they work independently. Fresh food stays fresher on one side in moist air whilst the dry air on the other side prevents frost and freezer burn.

Below is the Sub-Zero 1067mm fitted with a pro handle in the secondary kitchen of this project in Bishop’s Stortford. It sits down one side of the galley kitchen, where the main sink lies and pantry cupboards. The two 533mm doors on this award-winning appliances allow for more open-door access, benefiting smaller kitchens, or where space is an issue.

Just look how beautifully it fits within the stunning kitchen design.

Sub-Zero came up with a solution to help slow the process of the fresh food emitting a gas called ethylene which accelerates food spoilage – this is the anti-microbial air-purification system. This system is based on NASA technology removing ethylene, mould bacteria and odours every 20 minutes. The result from this is that the food stays fresher for longer than if kept in a standard refrigerator.

The built-in over-and-under units feature easy-access refrigerator storage above a full-extension, roll-out freezer drawer containing two-tier wire baskets.

A discreet interior water dispenser is located inside providing up to 35oz of chilled, filtered water without disturbing the seamless design of your kitchen. This advanced water filtration system reduces contaminant and preserves the water’s fresh, clean taste making it enjoyable for all the family.

In our Epping project out client knew exactly what appliances she required in her hub of the home due to her type of job – a professional chef. The Sub-Zero Over and Under Refrigerator/ Freezer French Door in the 914mm width was chosen to sit amongst the classic shaker kitchen cabinets. Smaller in size the 457mm refrigerator doors allow for more open-door access, benefiting a smaller kitchen, or where space is an issue.

We love this shot of the doors fully opened within this wonderful handmade kitchen. There are low and high temperature humidity storage zones, that consist of crispers and deli drawers that are strategically located near the evaporator to maintain temperatures a few degrees cooler than the rest of the unit. The drawers are sealed to lock in humidity and freshness.

The LED interior lighting is built for a brighter inside where you can see all your fresh food more clearly and easily. The lighting chosen is also more energy-efficient, which is designed to last the life of your refrigerator.

If you would like to know more info on the Sub-Zero Over and Under Refrigerator/Freezer with French Door, contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.