Sub-Zero was founded by Westye . F . Bakke in 1940s. He moved to Madison with his family to start a new life in 1926, where this was where the first freestanding freezer was built. He was a gifted engineer, and had a personal motive for developing reliable, high-performance home refrigeration in the 1940s. With his son Bud being diabetic this kick-started him in to creating an innovation for not only to store insulin but an invention for food preparation and design.

No other refrigerator rewards you in so many ways!

Many home owners are opting for Sub-Zero refrigeration systems due to the technology and robust feel. They are built and tested to withstand an exceptionally long life as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder that so many people around the world are opting for Sub-Zero products to act as a centrepiece in their kitchen. At Nicholas Bridger we are proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero where we can offer our clients award-winning appliances for their home, that are built to last, results that they desire and eating healthy.

Within Sub-Zero

Dual Refrigeration

Sub-Zero is made up with a Dual Refrigeration System that is a separate cooling system for refrigerator and freezer. This type of system makes such a big difference in the freshness and flavour of your foods. You don’t want oniony ice cubes, so with a Sub-Zero this can’t happen as the freezer and fridge don’t share the same air. Fresh food stays fresh in cool, moist air in the refrigerated side, and on the freezer side, frigid, dry air prevents freezer burn.

Food Preservation System

Sub-Zero reduces waste, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh 20 percent longer, according to Sub-Zero owners. One of Sub-Zero’s best features is an air scrub filtration system designed by NASA. The NASA technology scrubs the air of mould, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene gas that hastens spoilage, and replaces the air every 20 minutes. This makes food stay fresher for longer, eliminates bacteria, prevents cross contamination and keeps your fridge smelling clean and fresh. Even the water gets special attention from the advanced filtration system that removes contaminants while preserving water’s fresh, natural flavour.

Impeccable Design

The designs that Sub-Zero make are to merge seamlessly into any room’s decor and fit within your tastes. From their first design to their designs now they are designed for generations, and not the latest fads.

Save Energy

The door on the Sub-Zero closes firmly and comes with a magnetic seal around all four sides. The seal and the extra heavy-duty insulation that fills the walls of the refrigerator holds in cold air and holds down energy use. The mechanical systems also within Sub-Zero appliances are built for efficiency as well, with the largest Sub-Zero product using less electricity than a 75-watt bulb.


Sub-Zero appliances are designed and built to last at least 20 years. You can expect to enjoy your new Sub-Zero appliance more than 56% longer than the typical refrigerators available. Refusing to think short-term, the American facility ensures only meticulous engineering and premium-grade materials are used.

The Collection

Built-in Refrigeration – A refrigerator full of fresh ideas

The Built-in Refrigeration Systems from Sub-Zero are a design icon with their handsome lines, distinctive grille and sleek hinges. Wrapped stainless doors are available, with internal or external ice dispensers and a choice of handle style. The built-in collection offers a distinct design, with the overlay design combining custom cabinetry with the hardware of your choice, and the French door model making efficient use of confined spaces.

One of the Built-in Refrigeration Systems from Sub-Zero is this Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer with External Ice & Water Dispenser (ICBBI-48SD). It features the dual refrigeration, water filtration and air purification systems that guard freshness like nothing before. Being 1219mm in width it offers lots of capacity for all types of food.

Pro 48 Refrigeration

The Pro 48 Refrigeration from Sub-Zero created quite a stir amongst design aficionados. It’s the monument to food preservation with the spacious, stainless steel interiors with freezer on the left and a refrigerator on the right.

One of the Pro 48 Refrigeration Systems is this 1219mm Ultimate Professional Refrigerator Freezer with Glass Door (ICB648PROG). It is nothing less than a masterpiece of preservation. Its sculpted metal, dual refrigeration and advanced controls marry performance and design in a bold way for superior home refrigeration.

Integrated Refrigeration

The Integrated Refrigeration from Sub-Zero represents a revolution in kitchen design that merge seamlessly into the room’s decor. It is now more advanced, with more sizes available. Available as tall refrigerator and freezer units, slender columns, and drawers. You can choose it to be the iconic lustrous stainless steel, or make it disappear entirely behind any cabinet panels and with any hardware you desire.

One of the integrated Freezers is this Sub-Zero Integrated Freezer (457mm) (ICBIC-18FI). It is 457mm wide with a 230L storage space with the added technology of keeping the air dry to prevent frost and freezer burn. Great internal organisation, with five adjustable door shelves and three storage drawers is within the Sub-Zero Integrated Freezer, and an automatic ice maker is included. It has no visible grilles or hinges, making it indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it.

One of the Integrated Fridge with Freezer Drawers is this Sub-Zero Integrated Fridge with Freezer Drawers (914mm) (ICBIT-36CIID). It is 914mm wide, and one of the largest models of Sub-Zero Fridge Freezer’s. It’s a combination unit that includes 359L of fridge space and 130L of freezer space, accessible via two soft close drawers. Sub-Zero Fridge Freezers are designed to seamlessly merge with your decor, and no grilles or hinges are visible, making it indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it.

One of the refrigeration drawers is this Sub-Zero Integrated Fridge Freezer Drawers (762mm) (ICBID-30CI) . It brings convenient refrigeration to any room in your home with a combined 97L capacity that separates fresh foods, beverages, snacks and more for easy organization. And with smart-touch technology it lets you control temperatures from -21°C to 7°C.

Projects with Sub-Zero Refrigeration

Sub-Zero in Bishop’s Stortford

Our handmade classic shaker in Bishop’s Stortford sits amongst an exposed refrigeration system from Sub-Zero. Our client chose the Sub-Zero 36″ (1067mm) French door over and under fridge/freezer (ICBBI-42UFDID) to add to the design. The iconic stainless steel look is just the starting point of this professional kitchen.

Sub-Zero in Epping

Our project in Epping was created for a professional chef who knew exactly what appliances would best suit their home, give them luxury and years of technology. Our client opted for the Sub-Zero 36″ (914mm) French door over and under fridge/freezer (ICBBI-36UFDID) to fit amongst the handmade classic shaker furniture. The beneficial features within this appliance make it the perfect fridge/freezer to satisfy our client’s needs, and provide a multi-functional kitchen.

Sub-Zero in Sheering

The handmade project in Sheering we designed and created for our client features the Sub-Zero integrated fridge/freezer drawers (ICBID-30CI). We made this completely disappear behind the beauty of our classic shaker furniture to blend in with the rest of the kitchen space. It offers our client easy organization for their fresh foods, beverages and snacks, and looks complete in this bright blue hub of the home.

If you would like to know more on the award-wining Sub-Zero products contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.