Sub-Zero is a leading manufacturer of premium built in refrigerators. They are well known for their innovative technology and high quality products that meet customers requirements and expectations. Since founded, Sub-Zero has been pleasing customers with their technologically advanced solutions to refrigeration needs. Sub-Zero products are built and tested to withstand an exceptionally long life as well as being  aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder that so many customers are opting for Sub-Zero products.
Sub-Zero products are much more than bog standard refrigerators, the innovative engineering makes them the gold calibre of food preservation. This means they will keep food fresher for longer than other standard refrigeration appliances on the market. Only the best premium grade materials are used for Sub-Zero refrigerators, which are then tested in labs to ensure to quality and longevity of at least 20 years.  Sub-Zero is a popular name in kitchens throughout the world and many are striving to keep their food fresher for longer. Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we understand how frustrating it is to preserve your food, with demands from keen cooks and large families; we are proud to supply Sub-Zero appliances and help you retain fresh produce.

Air Scrub Technology by NASA
One common complaint about refrigerators are the smells. A strong smelling food can overpower your fridge and can mingle with other food. Fridges are something we need, so we find ourselves having to make do or improvising it’s performance; this is how the NASA air scrub system works. One of Sub-Zero’s best models features an air scrub filtration system designed by NASA. The system scrubs the gasses and odours from food and replaces the air every 20 minutes. This makes food stay fresher for longer, eliminates bacteria, prevents cross contamination and keeps your fridge smelling clean and fresh.
The Sub-Zero refrigeration system features a dual compressor system and cutting edge crisper drawers, which have high humidity and a low internal temperature which are magnetised to seal out air;  this preserves your food for a lot longer. Freshness is guaranteed to be locked in with a tight vacuum seal on the door which will eliminate outside air entering the refrigerator and stops possible contamination. This sophisticated and updated system features smart touch control panels, soft LED lighting, an internal water dispenser and beautiful crystal interior; which makes your refrigerator more spacious and visually pleasing without the bulky plastic edging.

Sub-Zero refrigerators offer you the upmost quality when it comes to your refrigeration needs. They are contemporary, technologically advanced and are willing to cut corners on their development cycle. It’s no wonder why many are choosing Sub-Zero for their kitchen.
Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens by Nicholas Bridger, we can supply and install a range of Sub-Zero products for your home. Available in a variety of sizes and customisation options, your appliance will be the best quality that refrigeration has to offer.

If you have any questions about Sub-Zero or any of our other kitchen ranges, then please don’t hesitate to contact Nicholas Bridger and the team at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex. You can also visit our showroom to see many Sub-Zero appliances in our fully functioning displays.