In this large open-plan located in Brentwood, our client’s dream kitchen was completed with Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances all in a stainless steel finish. During the designing process, the appliances were chosen and selected for their individual needs.

Why choose Sub-Zero Wolf? There are many reasons why… each and every one of their appliances are filled with amazing technology that delivers delicious results every time with the performance creating a professional chef’s kitchen. Many top chefs and celebrities swear by these products due to their industrial and robust feel and put them to good use on their TV shows as well as in their homes. From classic built-in refrigeration systems to, induction cooktops, Sub-Zero & Wolf have everything to make your kitchen have the best possible features to become a professional chef in your own home.

At Nicholas Bridger Truly Bespoke Furniture, we are extremely proud to be a premier dealer of Sub-Zero Wolf products and have loved designing them into this kitchen layout in Brentwood, Essex.

Appliances chosen…

Within this traditional shaker kitchen, award-winning appliances were chosen throughout the design with our lovely client choosing the following… Sub-Zero 914mm Over and Under Refrigerator/Freezer with French Door, Wolf 759mm E Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven, Wolf 759mm E Series Transitional Single Oven, 914mm Transitional Induction Cooktop, Wolf 914mm Downdraft System and Wolf 4 Slice Toaster.

  • A Sub-Zero Fridge/Freezer is built with dual refrigeration, water filtration and air purification system that guard freshness like nothing before.
  • A Wolf Built-in Oven is filled with lots of innovation and precise control that deliver constant delicious results. Many designs and styles to choose from, proving ideal for more homes than ever. They are also a favourite to many celebrities and professional chefs.
  • A Wolf Steam Oven is quite simply the world’s most versatile oven, as well as the most intelligent. You can choose from lots of cooking options that are ideal for your dish and they steam your vegetables to retain up to 22% more vitamins than conventional cooking.
  • A Wolf Induction Hob heats cookware instantly and delivers precise control at both high and low end, all on a cool, safe cooking surface. They are also 90-95% energy efficient, so no heat is wasted.
  • A Wolf Downdraft Extractor has powerful internal and remote blowers for complete ventilation. Pairs perfectly with all cooktops.
  • A Wolf Toaster handles the thickest slices and gives you precise control for the full continuum of the toast-browning spectrum.

The Fridge Freezer

To add a remarkable piece of technology to the appliances in this kitchen design, our client opted for the Sub-Zero 914mm Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer with French Door. There are two 457mm refrigerator doors that allow for more open-door access and a benefit to smaller kitchens, or where space is an issue. The drawer below is a pull-out freezer drawer. The dual refrigeration, water filtration and air purification systems that are built into this award-winning appliance guard freshness like nothing before.

This classic design is from the newest generation where new heights are reached, inside and out. There are many elements that make Sub-Zero a design icon – handsome lines, distinctive grille, and sleek hinges – it perfectly fits within this traditional bespoke kitchen.

The Ovens

At the other end of the kitchen units, this Wolf 76cm E Series Convection Steam Oven is found built above the main oven.  The possibilities are almost unlimited due to the cooking modes that combine steam and convection that’s ideal for your dish. Steam, roast, bake, or even slow cook your way to a healthier meal. It also allows you to retain up to 22% more vitamins when steaming vegetables. The oven’s unique digital technology senses the amount and size of the food and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking.

Below the Steam Oven and to complete the bank is the Wolf 759mm E Series Transitional Single Oven. It eliminates the uncertainty of rotating the pans due to the two fans and four heating elements controlling the heat and airflow for a more uniform temperature. Thanks to the technology within, crispy, chewy, gooey, crusty – every dish has a particular quality that you can achieve.

The sleek stainless steel finishes marry up with the other materials used in the hub of the home and complete the overall cooking environment. Every meal that is bought to the table is every bit delicious as the meal you had in mind.

The Hob & Extractor

To complete the island and make a focal point the Wolf 914mm Transitional Induction Cooktop was added for our client to sear, sauté and simmer with complete confidence. Wolf Induction Cooktops heat cookware instantly and deliver precise control at both high and low end, all on a cool, safe cooking surface. They are also 90-95% energy efficient where no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the pan.

The Wolf Downdraft Extractor sits comfortably behind the hob, complementing it and giving the kitchen complete ventilation. It features powerful internal and remote blowers with Boost mode and when not in use it can be closed and hidden from view. For even more convenience the downdraft comes with a remote control that can be placed up to 2.7m away, undercounter, or even tucked away in an adjacent cabinet.

A gorgeous custom cooking environment.

The Countertop Appliances

Sitting upon the main kitchen run is this Wolf 4 slice toaster. It has advanced toasting technology that keeps the food warm until you are ready to enjoy it. The unique self-centring bread guides deliver perfectly even results, regardless of the bread type. Results from this toaster give artisan bread lovers what they have been craving for years.

If you would like to know more on Sub-Zero Wolf appliances and how to create a bespoke handmade kitchen here at Nicholas Bridger contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

Check out our 1950’s Chevrolet pickup truck that showcases our brand and the Sub-Zero & Wolf brands. As we are premier dealers of Sub-Zero & Wolf – and it being an American brand – we thought it would be a really great way to get the message out there in the Herts and Essex area.

The truck is a Chevrolet 3100 V8…if you see her out and about give us a wave!