Our recent kitchen project in Henham, Essex provides a scene for good food and good conversation enjoyed with family and friends with the appliances chosen.

Sub-Zero Wolf design meticulously crafted and expertly engineered appliances to bring a professional quality to the home like a professional chef. They are hugely proud of their industry-leading appliances and we are proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf here at Nicholas Bridger.

We can and Sub-Zero Wolf can guarantee delicious results delivered every time from these appliances and we were so excited to fit them within this classic shaker for our client. They are the ultimate in technology for the perfect finishing touch and look great against beautiful handcrafted solid wood.

Appliances chosen…

In the classic shaker we created in Henham our client opted for the very best cooking and cooling appliances including the Sub-Zero 1067mm Over-and-Under Refrigerator with French Door and Internal Dispenser. This was designed next to the pull-out larder producing a wonderful kitchen layout.

The Wolf appliances include the 762mm M-series Contemporary black glass oven, 914mm Transitional Induction Cooktop, 914mm Downdraft System, 762mm M-series Convection Steam oven and matching 762mm Warming Drawer.

The two ovens were built into a bank with the warming drawer underneath, with the induction hob and downdraft system sitting dead opposite housed into the island, creating the perfect ‘kitchen triangle‘.

  • Wolf Built-in Ovens complement and elevate your kitchen decor, without ever compromising on quality. They will stand out in a handmade kitchen with their fabulous frontage.
  • Wolf Steam Ovens are built with cutting-edge technology to detect the shape, size and amount of food. They offer pioneering fast, versatile, healthier cooking.
  • Wolf Warming Drawers are ideal for households with different schedules. They have superior air control to ensure food stays hot and fresh.
  • Wolf Inductions are powered by electromagnetic elements where they instantly heat up pots and pans with evenly distributed heat, making induction an exceptionally safe way to cook.
  • Wolf Downdrafts rise quietly from the countertop to a height of 36cm, to draw away smoke and odours through a five-layer filter, providing an effective ventilation system even for large cookware such as woks and stockpots.
  • Sub-Zero Fridge Freezers include dual refrigeration, water filtration and air purification systems that guard freshness like nothing before. Every product built is with uncompromising craftmanship, where you can create a room with it standing out or blending in.

The Ovens…

The grand Wolf 762mm M-series Contemporary black glass oven sits in the middle of the bank taking the guesswork out of even then most difficult dishes.

Wolf ovens revolutionise life in the kitchen just like the decor you choose.

The M Series boasts Wolf’s sleekest and most full-featured ovens yet. They are designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen and this particular model is their minimalist, handleless design, whose black glass and a colour LCD touch panel create a sleek look.

The Dual VertiCross™ system is Wolf’s most advanced dual convection ever, where it quickly saturates the oven cavity with consistent heat across all racks. The cooking modes are precise and intuitive, to ensure that every meal you bring to the table is every bit delicious as the meal you had in mind.

Our client also chose the 762mm M-series Convection Steam oven in a black gloss with stainless steel handle to match with the built-in oven.

The Wolf convection steam oven maybe, quite simply, the world’s most versatile oven, as well as the most intelligent. There is no end to what this piece of equipment can do. It allows you to prepare multiple dishes, even entire meals all at once. You can cook a savoury sausage casserole and a delicate dessert simultaneously, with no transfers of either flavour or the aromas between the two.

Perfect, fluffy couscous without butter. A richly browned roast chicken that’s the juiciest you’ve ever tasted and crusts that glisten without an egg wash.

The Warming Drawer…

At the bottom of this wonderful bank of appliances sits the 762mm Warming Drawer in a black gloss with stainless steel handle to match, creating the ultimate sleek design of technology.

Some nights during the week at least one of the family members is on a different schedule. The Wolf warming drawer will allow all to enjoy their dinner as it was intended, deliciously fresh and warm at different times. The superior air control ensures that the roast chicken stays juicy and the apple crisp stays, well, crisp.

The large capacious drawer can easily warm plates and dishes for a large gathering of friends and family.

The Hob and Downdraft System…

To make the most out of the kitchen island and create an area full of technology we incorporated the Wolf 914mm Transitional Induction Cooktop and Wolf 914mm Downdraft System.

They sit within a granite known as Piracema White. The granite has a unique appearance of grey, black, white and beige in different shapes and sizes.

Wolf Induction Cooktops have incredible speed, precise control and exceptional technology within. The secret of this remarkable cooking technology is magnetism. The electromagnetic elements within cause the pots and pans to heat up instantly and with perfectly distributed heat.

The stainless steel trim coordinates with other Sub-Zero Wolf appliances to create a multi-zone cooking area. Induction is an exceptionally safe way to cook and you can sear, sauté and simmer with complete confidence.

The Wolf Downdraft System is designed to perfectly compliment the Wolf range of cooktops. Behind the sculpted lines of Wolf ventilation units, there’s a lot of hard-nosed functional thinking. Powerful internal and remote blowers with “Boost” mode are available for complete ventilation control. When not in use, it can be closed and hidden from view.

The Fridge…

This amazing Sub-Zero 1067mm Over-and-Under Refrigerator with French Door and Internal Dispenser sits proudly in amongst the kitchen design with a full-height pull-out larder next to it. Easy access refrigerated storage with pull-out freezer drawers makes for the best convenient solution. The two 533mm doors allow for more open-door access, which benefits a smaller kitchen or where space is an issue.

The Air Purification System is based on NASA technology to remove ethylene, mould bacteria and odours every 20 minutes, and the Dual Refrigeration allows for the fresh food to stay fresher for longer with moist air on one side, and dry air on the other preventing frost and freezer burn. The Sub-Zero Cooling appliances are engineered and built to last at least 25 years which also makes them a great investment!

If you would like to know more on Sub-Zero Wolf appliances and how to create a bespoke kitchen with your kitchen ideas contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

Check out our 1950’s Chevrolet pickup truck that showcases our brand and the Sub-Zero & Wolf brands. As we are premier dealers of Sub-Zero & Wolf – and it being an American brand – we thought it would be a really great way to get the message out there in the Herts and Essex area.

The truck is a Chevrolet 3100 V8…if you see her out and about give us a wave!