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New for 2020 from 6th April – 1st May was James Martin’s Islands to Highlands TV show on ITV. A brand new series where James sets off on his foodie travels across the UK, which he filmed last year. Each day he is joined by one of his friends and fellow top chefs to explore a different area in the beautiful country we call home.

In recent years he has been on many other adventures around the world and this one sees him enjoying his favourite and beautiful locations around the UK. He cooks and eats everywhere from Cornwall to Scilly, Jersey and Guernsey, Isle of Man to Shetland, the Peak District, Lake District and Yorkshire Moors, and from Wales to Skye.

Along the way, he is joined by his friends and top chefs… Galton Blackiston, Paul Ainsworth, Simon Hulstone, Mark Jordan, Monica Galetti, Stephen Terry, Gareth Ward, Tessa Bramley, Clare Smyth, Brian Turner, Kenny Atkinson, Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Paul Rankin and many more famous faces.

Each episode shows him visiting amazing local producers and sampling the very best the UK has to offer. Lots of new delicious recipes and tasty dishes are made including Sticky Toffee Pudding, Poached Turbot with a Creamy Herb Sauce, Welsh Rarebit, Black Butter Tartlet, BBQ Port Burgers, traditional Singing Hinnies and so many more wonderful dishes!

Let’s take a look at his journey…

Episode 1 – Scilly Isles

James sets off on his foodie travels across the UK, starting with the Scilly Isles joined by Michelin-starred chef Galton Blackiston.

Episode 2 – Cornwall

James returns to one of his favourite places in the UK – the beautiful county of Cornwall. His close pal Michelin-starred chef Galton Blackiston joins him.

Episode 3 – Devon

On the next leg of the tour, James discovers the glorious Devon with his friend and Michelin-starred chef Simon Hulstone.

Episode 4 – Jersey

Pal and Michelin-starred chef Mark Jordan joins James to explore the delights of Jersey aboard mini motorbikes.

Episode 5 – Guernsey

James and his wingman, top chef Mark Jordan, hop aboard their motorbikes together to discover the wonderful island of Guernsey.

Episode 6 – Dorset

This episode James discovers the delights of Dorset. Joined by his mate and Michelin-starred chef Paul Ainsworth.

Episode 7 – Oxford

Exploring Oxford with top TV chef Monica Galetti. Monica discovers the delights of an organic local distiller.

Episode 8 – South Wales

James steps onto the land of South Wales accompanied by Michelin-starred chef Stephen Terry. James discovers award-winning Welsh wine and cooks a Welsh Lamb Ragu on a beautiful mountainside.

Episode 9 – Mid Wales

Michelin-starred chef Gareth Ward joins James in enjoying some Welsh Mountain cider tasting, and James uses some to dish up some cider-infused apple fritters.

Episode 10 – Peak District

James’s final stop is in England’s first National Park – The Peak District. Cooking legend Tessa Bramley joins him.

Episode 11 – Yorkshire Dales

James returns homes to his native Yorkshire, where he is joined by good friend and multi-award-winning chef Brian Turner.

Episode 12 – Lake District

James enjoys the wet weather visiting the stunning Lake District, where he is joined by top Michelin-starred chef Clare Smyth. James also visits the Lake District farmers.

Episode 13 – Northumberland

James is joined by Michelin-starred chef Kenny Atkinson to sample the delights of Northumberland.

Episode 14 – Isle of Mann

Michelin-starred chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen joins James paying a visit to the Isle of Man during the famous TT race warm-up week.

Episode 15 – Northern Ireland 1

Paul Rankin a good friend of James and a local boy joins him in Northern Ireland. They brave the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge together.

Episode 16 – Northern Ireland 2

James returns to Northern Ireland with his old chef buddy Paul Rankin, exploring the area around Lough Neagh, the biggest freshwater lake in the British Isles.

Episode 17 – Royal Scotsman

James is joined by chef pal Nick Nairn to enjoy the luxury trip of a lifetime aboard The Royal Scotsman.

Episode 18 – Cairngorms

Nick Nairn joins James again to take a trip to the stunning Cairngorms National Park. Amongst their adventures, they visit some friendly reindeer.

Episode 19 – Skye

James takes a magical trip to the stunning Isle of Skye, where he is joined by top chef and ultimate Scotsman Tony Singh.

Episode 20 – Shetland

In the final episode of the current series, James visits a place he’s always wanted to see – the beautiful Shetland Islands – and they definitely do not disappoint.

A few recipes from the show

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