The AGA range cooker was invented in 1922 and has been the heart of the home for many decades and continues to. Manufactured in the UK each part of the cooker is meticulously inspected and colour checked before leaving the factory in Shropshire. They have built a reputation for their iconic design, uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation. They are built from cast iron which is a fantastic material for radiating heat and is gentle on food and locks in moisture, flavour and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious. Speak to any AGA owner and they will tell you about their cooker’s qualities.

The handmade kitchens from us here at Nicholas Bridger will fit beautifully in with your AGA whether it be old or new.

There are thousands of AGA owners who will tell you they can’t imagine life without their AGA, just like our client below in Matching Tye. In their newly renovated 1800 property they added a brand new beautiful white AGA to create cooking results like no other and a design to match the history of the property like the exposed original beams. Our clients have always wanted an AGA and thought that this would be the best time to purchase one. The crisp white design of the truly loved appliance fits perfectly within the neutral hues of the kitchen design, finished with a shiny copper tea kettle to make the perfect brew.

A little history on the AGA

  • Blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr Gustaf Dalén invented the world’s first heat-storage cooker. He was inspired to create a better, more efficient cooker for his wife after he lost his sight to a failed experiment. He designed and created a cast-iron cooker that was capable of every kind of cooking simultaneously, through its two large hotplates and two ovens. The world famous AGA was born in 1922 and by 1929 manufacturing was under way at the AGA Head Ltd factory in Smethwick.
  • The world fell in love with the AGA cooker through the 1930s. Sales went soaring through the roof and by the 1940s there were a demand on the very much loved AGA where the waiting time rose to a staggering 27 weeks. Due to the popularity of this cooking appliances a second manufacturing plant was opened in Shropshire.
  • In the 1950s a new range of exciting colours were available. For 34 years the classic AGA had only been available in cream, pale blue, pale green, and white proved very popular with AGA enthusiasts.
  • The 1960s saw a decline in the use of solid fuel and the move went on to more convenient energy sources, such as gas.
  • 1985 AGA launched a landmark model which was the first electric AGA range cooker.
  • In 2003, an engineering breakthrough entered the world of AGA and a baking oven was born.
  • 2007 saw the launch of AIMS – the AGA Intelligent Management System, which was fitted on to the 13-amp electric AGA. It ensures that the AGA cooker is up to temperature when you need it for cooking, but then goes into a slumber mode when not required and off in the householder’s absence.
  • The launch of the AGA Total Control happened in the Summer of 2011, where the AGA came built with an on/off switch.
  • Autumn 2012 saw the launch of the biggest ever model – an AGA Total Control cooker with five ovens.
  • Summer of 2013 the new electric AGA Dual Control launched with added flexibility and much-reduced running and servicing costs.
  • 2019 the AGA is still a very much loved and special appliance in the heart of the home known as the kitchen.

Lifestyle changes have changed throughout the years from when the AGA was born, so now there are flexible AGA models that can fit into every home and lifestyle. The AGA is always ready to cook instantly. With a variety of 12 different colours to suit any scheme, a classic AGA can be the centre of attention in your hub of the home, and it doesn’t have to be the classic cream or black to fit in with a traditional kitchen. Many celebrities love an AGA. Mary Berry, Marco Pierre White, Daisy Lowe and Jamie Oliver are firm favourites of the AGA Cooker.

The AGA Models

Classic AGA – Ovens and hotplates on at all times. Electric, Gas/Propane and Oil.

AGA Dual Control – Ovens on at all times but with a switch to turn off hotplates. Electric and Gas, with electric hotplates.

AGA Total Control – Each oven and hotplate can be switched on and off separately. Electric model.

AGA 3 Series – Designed for your way of life. The hotplate and both cast iron ovens can be switched on and off independently. This AGA also features a two zone induction hob, warming oven and cookware storage. Electric model.

AGA 60 – Designed for smaller spaces. The hotplate and both ovens can be switched on and off independently. Electric but gas hob model also available.

Our client below in Ongar has chosen to hand paint their kitchen in Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’ to set beautifully against their classic black Total Control AGA. Due to their love for cooking they have even added an additional electric oven for their busy lifestyle. The kitchen design also features raised and fielded doors set into a beaded front frame which is a traditional style that will be loved for many years alongside their big and beautiful AGA. Crisp early mornings will certainly be warmed up in this kitchen due to the release of a unique source of heat.

Our aim at Nicholas Bridger is to provide you with a handmade kitchen that beautifully fits in with your way of life and most importantly the AGA. Contact us today for a truly bespoke dream kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.