The Best Cocktail Glasses to go with Your Handmade Bar

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From our blog on Handmade Bars, we have learnt staying in is the new going out. Cocktails give a warm welcome to hosting a party, and has remained a time-honoured custom from the likes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Abigail’s Party. Over the years Campari has been swapped for Aperol and orange juice for elderflower cordial, with a G&T based cocktail still being a firm favourite.

Whatever cocktail glass you use isn’t always about the style, it’s a clever way to elevate scents, tastes and textures.

Here at Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company we build bespoke kitchens made of solid wood and to the style of your choice, including our popular classic shaker, our timeless traditional shaker and our modern contemporary in-frame slab.

We built a handmade bar in a Grade II listed property in Bishop’s Stortford in our Classic Shaker style, you will see this below. We hand painted this beautiful feature in Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’, which is a warm grey with lilac undertones, and placed it directly opposite the kitchen island that houses the Sub-Zero Wine Cooler and a special pull-out drawer for the mixers. As you can see the bar has been packed out with many beautiful glasses including balloon glasses, martini glasses, gin glasses and flute glasses all on stunning glass open-shelving. Our client can certainly try out many cocktail recipes at this station.

At Nicholas Bridger we have put together a guide of some of the most popular cocktail glass styles and some of our favourites to entertain your family and friends. It’s always fun choosing the style of your cocktail glasses, so whether it’s a highball or a balloon glass, there is a glass for every cocktail.

  • The Copa De Balon (Balloon glass)

The Copa De Balon is bulbourous in size and has plenty of space for ice and garnishes. They are like the martini glass, where the long stem prevents the hand from warming the tipple and the wide brim lifts the fragrance of the drink. Originating from the Basque region of Northern Spain, the Copas glass allows G&T’s to shine!

LSA International Pearl Balloon Wine Goblets

Two elegantly stemmed Pearl wine glasses ideal for enjoying a sloe gin. Made from mouthblown glass, each glass is hand painted with a striking, iridescent lustre, inspired by the shimmer of a pearl.


 Waterford Gin Journeys Aras Balloon Glasses

Two rounded, short stem glasses with a wide bowl are ideal for enjoying the aroma and taste of gin cocktails. Crafted in crystal with radiating cuts and a classic design.

  • The Highball

The Highball glass is very versatile suiting most drinks. They are tall and straight and are designed to serve up tipples with a mixer and lots of ice. They are famously known to hold the classic mojito.

Dartington Crystal Gin Story Highball Glass

These Dartington highball glasses are designed for enjoying the aroma and flavour of long-drink cocktails. Made in the UK from the finest 24% lead crystal glass they are a stunning piece to add to your glasses collection.


Waterford Gin Journeys Lismore Highball Glasses

These highball glasses are ideal for enjoying the aroma and taste of gin cocktails made with low volume alcohol gin. Crafted in crystal with diamond and wedge cuts, presented in a Gin Journeys black box.

  • The Martini

The Martini glass is an iconic in the world of drinks keeping the tipple at the right temperature, with the long stem preventing the drinker’s hand from warming the cool liquid. This glass is ideal for cocktails that are served straight up, and the wide brim helps lift the tipple’s aromas to the drinker’s nose.

Soho Home Barwell Crystal Cut Martini Glasses

These crystal cut Martini Glasses from Soho Home are a stylish way to drink Martini cocktails. Pair with the Barwell Martini Shaker to enjoy Margaritas, Daiquiris and other cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

Tom Dixon Plum Martini Glasses

These Martini Glasses consist of a contemporary way to serve memorable drinks. Whether you like your Martini’s shaken or stirred, these glasses will certainly make the experience all the more special. Made from brushed stainless steel, copper plated and lacquered for a durable long lasting finish. Imagine these standing out from the rest of the glasses on that beautiful handcrafted bar.

  • The Flute

The Champagne Flute is an icon of luxury with a thin elegant stem. The narrow shape of this glass helps to carbonate the drink and maintain the tiny bubbles.

Vera Wang for Wedgwood Cut Lead Crystal Duchesse Flute

Raise a toast with these elegant champagne flutes. Made with a striking cut-crystal design they give special occasions a touch of sparkle and style.

Waterford ‘Lismore Pops’ Cut Crystal Toasting Flute

The Waterford Lismore Pops feature the brilliance and clarity of the classic Limore pattern with a dramatic pop of exciting colour. This exciting new collection adds a bold coloured accent which ensure that this beautiful stemmed glass will remain a conversation piece amongst your glassware collection.

  • The Hurricane

The Hurricane glass is enjoyed with a Pina Colada or a Singapore Sling, and is the perfect glass. The height of this glass makes it harder to smash and has a unique style.


Here at Nicholas Bridger we pride ourselves in giving our client’s the best service possible as well as creating their dream luxury handmade kitchen with the ideal kitchen design. Contact us today to find out more – we look forward to hearing from you.