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Farrow & Ball have recently worked with Kelly Wearstler to create a collection of eight new sun-soaked paint colours – The California Collection. Allow yourself to be whisked away to the misty shores, palm-lined streets, and desert highways of California with these effortlessly versatile shades, each one crafted with an eco-friendly water base.

Kelly Wearstler is the founder and principal of Kelly Wearstler Studio founded in 1995 in LA. An American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments as well as an expansive collection of lifestyle product designs.

She has been a long-time advocate of Farrow & Ball, bringing their richly pigmented colours to her projects for more than two decades.

In her work as a designer, she curates a multi-layered sensory experience in every space through contrasting colour and form.

Below we look at the 8 new shades, from the fresh aquatic tones of Hazy and Palm to the zingy brightness of Citrona. These colours will certainly freshen up your kitchen design this Spring.

California Collection – Tar

Tar from the California Collection is a soft off-black that captures the shade of sun-baked desert highways. This deep yet restrained neutral is soft enough to envelop a whole room.


California Collection – Sand

Sand from the California Collection is a sandy neutral with a warm white of depth and complexity. This versatile shade conjures images of Malibu, with its soft-sanded beaches and coastal homes filled with natural wood and textured linens.


California Collection – Citrona

Citrona from the California Collection is a softened citrus shade inspired by the lemon trees that thrive in California’s temperature climate. This softened citrus shade is an earthy, contemporary take on a true chartreuse.


California Collection – Palm

Palm from the California Collection is a pale, fresh green that is a love letter to the iconic palms that dot the LA skyline. It has a desaturated quality as if always being seen in the clear, bright light characteristic of California.


California Collection – Salt

Salt from the California Collection is a bright, crisp white, reminiscent of the salty air ushered in by the Pacific Ocean and the delicate crystalline layer it leaves behind.


California Collection – Hazy

Hazy from the California Collection is a muted blue-grey inspired by the marine layer that brings drifts of dreamy fog inland, capturing the fresh feeling of early mornings on the coast.


California Collection – Stoke

Stoke from the California Collection is a strong, true grey that brings strength, structure, and clarity to any palette – just as it does to the landscape on city streets and cloudy coastal days.


California Collection – Faded Terracotta

Faded Terracotta from the California Collection is a soft, pale orange that is known on pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the California sun. An easy-going shade characterized by softness and warmth.



If you would like to know more about our handmade kitchens contact us today. We hand-paint all our kitchens on-site once the kitchen has been built, using a beautiful brush-on finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the wood beneath it. We look forward to hearing from you.