The day pantry is becoming increasingly popular and a loving element to a Nicholas Bridger handmade kitchen. It’s a handy spot to keep cooking ingredients all in one place to create the perfect multi-functional kitchen, as well as keep the cooking ingredients stocked up.

The pantry comes from the Latin word “panis”, meaning “bread”. In the late Middle Ages, a pantry was where bread was kept and food preparation was done. In Victorian times large houses and estates in Britain maintained separate rooms that were dedicated to food preparation. Today the modern pantry is making a huge comeback in British homes and is a cupboard built into the kitchen design that is charming and useful for all cooking ingredients. It also changes the way a busy family works and lives out of the kitchen.

Below in our Classic Shaker in Harringay, we designed a day pantry with a ‘cold shelf’ and spice and condiment door racks. The ‘cold shelf’ is a perfect addition to this day pantry offering a food prep area as well as a storage space for all of the essentials. Open shelving is incorporated into the design to show our client what they have in stock and to select quickly. Kilner jars have also been used for neat and tidy storage. The artisan spice and condiment door racks are really handy for the small jars of spices, it makes it easy to select and add to that delicious recipe. The solid oak drawers come with an easy pull feature to hide away those treats and other kitchen essentials you may not use all of the time. All hand-painted in Farrow & Ball Railings.

In our Bishop’s Stortford in-frame traditional shaker project below, a day pantry cupboard was designed into the kitchen design next to the American Fridge Freezer. Pine spice and condiment door racks were hand-built on to the doors to store bottles of oils, vinegar, spices and herbs. Three shelves were also built into the day pantry to store other kitchen essentials to select easily and quickly for that mid-week meal. This is a great example of the pine shelves we handcraft in our workshop in Essex and they show you just how useful they can be. The contrast between the hand-painted cabinets in Shaded White- Farrow & Ball, the pine interior and the aged brass knobs work really well.

The endless storage solutions seen below in our handmade classic shaker in Sawbridgeworth creates the most exciting day pantry. Filled with bespoke solid oak shelves, spice and condiment door racks and drawers the kitchen can be organised as much as possible for a busy family.

The solid oak interior seen below in our Classic Shaker in Hadley Wood creates a great backdrop against the light neutral hues of the hand-painted cabinets in Farrow & Ball- Blackened. Artisan solid oak drawers fill the bottom of the space designed with easy pull-out handles storing the kitchens essentials, and shelves above for more storage space and quick and easy selecting. This day pantry cupboard has been designed for all of the family to help themselves to their breakfast cereal, a simple but effective idea. The middle section has been designed into the very much loved ‘breakfast pantry‘.

A day pantry filled with shelves and spice door racks ensures all of the kitchens essentials are all in one place and great for a busy family just like our client in the classic shaker at Matching Tye below. The interior is made of solid oak and a great contrast against the hand-painted Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball.

A large day pantry is seen below at our classic shaker Whetstone project. Drawers hand-painted in Little Greene Inox to match the rest of the cabinetry as well as spice and condiment door racks, and solid oak shelves for storage of all the cooking ingredients. A day pantry is not all about how it functions, the look and style of it is important too. The stainless steel door knobs set against the American fridge freezer beautifully with the light neutral hues of the grey cabinetry, and the natural beauty of the solid oak.

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The Breakfast Pantry

Here at Nicholas Bridger, we pride ourselves in creating new and enticing designs to our projects to get the very best out of your kitchen. Sometimes storing food in a kitchen is often overlooked, so a day pantry is a great addition to add an effective design in the hub of the home. We look forward to hearing from you.