Take the pressure off the main kitchen area with a walk-in pantry. They are becoming a desired feature in the homes of today where they become the storage place for appliances, refillable jars, fresh ingredients and other kitchen essentials that often make the hub of the home messy. There are so many possibilities in designing a walk-in pantry that is tailored to your needs, adequate storage, perfect design and neat and tidy organisation.

In this blog, we show you some of the design rules to help you create the best functional pantry you can.

Space and layout

First of all, you need to think about the space, how much can you allocate for a walk-in pantry? This will then determine the overall layout of the design, whether it will be a galley, L-shaped or U-shaped. If you haven’t got much available space, opt for pocket or sliding doors, to maximise the floor space and create easy access to the other zones.


Well-designed rooms are extremely important in the home, particularly the kitchen, and you would have seen this over the past couple of years where the space has had to serve as multiple functions to suit your personal and work lifestyle due to the global pandemic.

When designing the walk-in pantry you need to think of the everyday practical requirements, what you will store in there and how it will function. Think about what you may need in the future too, like more open shelving to store additional items.

Where will the pantry be positioned?

Typically and traditionally it is placed downstairs in large English country homes. The space was used to store cooking essentials, silverware and fresh ingredients. When we look at the walk-in pantry today, they have become an integral part of the home, where they are positioned close to the work zones of the working kitchen.

Design it as a natural extension of the kitchen with a mixture of shelves, drawers and worktop space. Something that you might also need to consider is the ventilation and temperature of the room to ensure the longevity of the food you have inside.


Storage within the walk-in pantry needs to be instantly accessible and intelligently designed. Include deep drawers, bespoke racking, open shelving and utensil rails. This will allow this busy environment to be organised. Opt for a quartz worktop – it allows you to store small appliances as well as a space to unpack the shopping.

Maximise all available space by considering floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets and shelves at different heights. Think about shallow shelves for spices and cereals, you don’t want deep shelving as this tends to lead to overstacking.

Underneath the floating shelves, install a utensil rail to hang your favourites. Easy to access and neatly stored. A simple storage solution like this can free up drawer space, allowing other kitchen essentials to find a home.

When stepping into the walk-in pantry you want to be able to grab what you need at ease, this is why the perfect storage needs to be designed.

Robust materials and beautiful designs

All of our kitchen designs and handmade furniture are expertly crafted from robust materials. We will ensure that each of the pantry designs meets the demands of modern living and is not only functional but beautiful too!


Designate each of the areas, organise the items and efficiently store them. Decant dried goods such as pasta, grains and flour into containers and place them on open shelves. Storing items this way allows you more room in the pantry as well as throwing away bulky packaging. Label up everything making it easier to grab the ingredients you need.

Perfect lighting

Task lighting is the perfect way to light up the room. A walk-in pantry lacks natural light because of where they are located in the home. LEDs on open shelves or beneath wall cabinetry illuminates the worktops and you could even consider motion sensor lights – providing light when you need it.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke handmade kitchens contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We have designed many kitchen pantries that are suited to each and every one of our clients individually.