With decades of experience and attention to detail, Nick has produced many beautiful, truly bespoke handmade kitchens that create a feeling of space and symmetry balanced with optimum functionality.

With new popular kitchen designs making an entrance, the pedestal table by Nicholas Bridger will add a loving element to the space and provide a seating area like no other.

The pedestal table can be made from beautiful raw materials such as oak and walnut depending on your choice. Sturdy and thick, the base can be completed with your choice of top, meaning you can choose solid wood or opt for a unique finish with a stone.

We always look at ways to minimise the footprint in the space available, making our handmade furniture ideal for smaller, tighter areas.

In this blog, we will look at the different types of tables we have handbuilt for many of our lovely clients and how they make a great kitchen design idea for the home.

NB Pedestal Tables in our client’s homes

The stunning fairy tale pedestal table below in Potters Bar is tall in height and circular in shape made from solid Oak. To create the pedestal it was turned on a lathe and our client opted for a solid wood top. We designed it on to the end of the island to provide our client with a unique bar seating area away from the rest of the open-plan space.

The natural beauty of the wood fits perfectly in amongst the Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball handpainted on the kitchen cabinets and the two different types of stone. A lovely rich look is created with a beautiful glow from the natural light.

A beautifully inviting space, warm and open with a glorious view over fields, consisting of our classic shaker style!⠀⠀

From the exquisite traditional shaker style that has been pushed to the limit to the award-winning cooking appliances from Wolf, two circular pedestal tables sit centre stage in the Winchmore Hill project below. These lovingly handcrafted elements tell a story completed with charcoal plush velvet button chairs following today’s trend.

Both seating areas start a conversation flowing whether it’s with the cook or enjoying the delicious dish they just created. This kitchen has become a firm favourite through our social channels.

We added one of the gorgeous tables to the end of the island. Raised above the island surface slightly it adds an extra special feature, making the quartz worktop stand out in particular and acting as a separate piece of furniture.

The other pedestal acts as a dining table in the corner of the room placed by the handmade TV cabinet. Many entertaining evenings can be held in this delightful kitchen.

Set in a Grade II listed property this functional island below sits in the middle of this hub of the home in Bishop’s Stortford. It is very functional indeed with lots of storage and a Sub-Zero wine cooler to become the perfect partner to the handmade bar that sits adjacent. A curved breakfast bar integrates on the end supported with a turned solid oak pedestal providing our client and their family with a bespoke seating option.

Bianca Eclipsia Quartzite completes the worktop and the top of the table with a rounded edge to differentiate between the main prep island and the comfy bar area. Four plush velvet comfy stools sit in a circular row too to add to the wonderful mix of materials and keep within the purple elements.

If you would like to know more on Nicholas Bridger pedestal tables and a kitchen remodel in your property contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.