The Perfect Accompaniment to a Kitchen Island – A Kaelo Wine Cooler

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Designed in London and made in England the Kaelo is hand-assembled by master craftsmen offering you a perfectly chilled glass from first to last. The patented cooling technology within creates a ‘jacket’ of cold air that keeps the bottle dry and perfectly chilled.

Kevin Jabou is the man behind Kaelo. He knew there had to be a better way to keep a bottle chilled and at the correct temperature without the ice, water or mess. He looked into many ways of how to create a solution. After 300 prototypes before perfecting the design, technology and the manufacturing process, the Kaelo was born. Kevin states that it wasn’t easy, but the outcome he thinks is worth it – beautifully simple, incredibly effective.

The name came from a mix of Japanese words. ‘Kaizen’ meaning “continuous self-improvement” and “halo” – from the lighting effect created around a wine bottle when it’s in a Kaelo.

Pronounced “Kay-lo”.

Our most recent project in the village of Hatfield Broad Oak features a Kaelo wine cooler which we integrated into the island. A stainless steel crown finishes off the design to match in with the other metallics in this handmade kitchen. A seamless finish and great piece of technology for this country abode.

Why a Kaelo Wine Cooler?

  • No drips
  • No mess
  • No fuss

Every drop from your bottle will be the right temperature

When opening your bottle, the first glass poured is perfectly chilled, but what happens about the rest of the bottle? The patented dry-cooling system within the Kaelo maintains the original temperature of your drink to within 1-2°c, which means every drop served is enjoyed at the perfect temperature.

It’s instant and simple

The smart technology is fused into the crown allowing no need for a button or a remote. Just touch the crown and your Kaelo will turn on and be cold within seconds.

Completely dry

Kaelo only uses electricity and nothing else. It creates a cold-air jacket so the bottle remains chilled and dry. There’s no need for ice, water or refills, so there is no mess or maintenance.

Fun and enjoyable

The Kaelo is all about enjoyment. Tap the crown three times and you can choose your favourite colour from 27 different ones. Your bottle will be instantly lit up, creating a great accompaniment to a dinner party. Tap four times for the colour fade mode.

So easy to use

The Kaelo can be easily integrated into any surface and incorporated into any scale or style kitchen. From breakfast bars, kitchen islands and sofas, to bathrooms and bedrooms, all that is needed is a hole and plug socket.

Very reliable

Designed in London and hand-built by master craftsmen in the Cotswold, each Kaelo is individually tested and must have perfect performance and finish before being signed off by its maker.

The Kaelo meets eco-friendly

The Kaelo is super energy efficient, becoming cold within seconds yet only using the same power as a 60-watt light-bulb. No refillables and CFCs are used, and because it doesn’t need ice there’s no water to waste.

To save energy, even more, the Kaelo automatically switches off after two hours.

If you would like to add a Kaelo to your kitchen design contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.