Working with kitchens for a very long time, we have witnessed many potential mistakes homeowners make when planning their new kitchen design. Follow this guide to avoid these mistakes and create a dream kitchen you have always dreamed of, with the help of the experts.

Make sure you leave enough room between furniture

Homeowners want to cram as much as possible into their space, often leaving little room to manoeuvre or constantly in each other’s way. Allow at least 900m distance between walls and cabinetry or other furniture, this enables everything still within easy reach and the passing of hungry kids.

Create a focal point

Every room in a home needs a focal point. You want an area that instantly draws the eye and creates a statement for everyone to love and to be wowed with. You could choose a statement kitchen island perhaps in a different colour, or a freestanding handmade bar with a dramatic splashback for a unique design.

Having one statement feature plays the lead part and the design and style will follow to not overpower the room.

Separate the cutlery

Place your cooking utensils near the hob or range and the cutlery further down the kitchen to your dining area. Better zoning in a kitchen allows less congestion in busy areas and provides you with the perfect kitchen layout.

Add Shelves

If the contents in your cupboards aren’t planned properly you could end us with lots of space wasted. Having a bespoke kitchen, almost anything is possible. Kitchen cabinets can be designed and made for glassware or the latest gadget with easy access.

The positioning of items is key too, you don’t want to store a heavy Le Creuset casserole dish at head height. Look through your crockery, tableware and cookware and see how much different storage you will need.

Design in full-height cabinetry

Most of our kitchen designs are built with several floor-to-ceiling cabinets. They work well especially in large rooms as they can give the impression of a false wall rather than a run of cupboards. If designed into a smaller room, they can lead to the space feeling smaller, darker and claustrophobic.

Bespoke wall cupboards

There’s something wonderful about bespoke cabinetry. Not only does it mean the cabinets are custom-fitted but they are also custom designed. This is important when it comes to historic properties where the ceilings are different heights or there are awkward walls that cannot be knocked down.

If your property has a low ceiling the wall cabinetry may have to be adapted from the standard measurements to something a little more tailored. Smaller cabinets in a country cottage will look better as they won’t dominate the room.

Choose a trend wisely

Trends do end and some that you see in lifestyle magazines certainly don’t appeal to everyone. When it comes to designing the kitchen you want to make it right for both you and your family and you need to think if a kitchen trend would help or hinder a house sale in the future.

If you see a trend that you really want to incorporate into the design, for example, a bright and bold colour, how about opting for a free-standing piece in that colour instead of the whole kitchen furniture.

If you would like to know more about our handmade kitchens contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We will put together a bespoke kitchen design for you and your space.