We love a Walk in Pantry here at Nicholas Bridger, and here’s why..

… if you have the space available in your home, we can custom build a pantry and produce it in the same way as your kitchen. It takes pressure off of the main kitchen, where you can free up storage and space for other things.

The word pantry comes from the Latin phrase “panna” meaning bread, and was originally a small room dedicated to store bread and bakery items. By the mid nineteenth-century the pantry had become an area to store dry goods and remains the same until this day.

The walk in pantry is a chef’s best friend with multiple walls of shelves, drawers and cupboards to store dozens of ingredients, cookbooks, snacks, pots, pans, appliances and more.

Walk in pantries are a luxury that not every house can accommodate. They are cleverly concealed behind doors that bring to mind images of well-stocked cupboards and drawers that are filled with sweet treats and key ingredients to make the perfect dish. With budding chefs able to see all of their ingredients, inspiration for dinner can become a creative task. Additional crockery and utensils can also be stored away to keep the worktops clear and keep the minimalistic kitchen design that is of today.

We designed a pantry (in the picture) in this truly bespoke kitchen in Hutton, Brentwood that is easily accessible from the kitchen. It offers more worktop space and storage space for the whole family and is cleverly concealed sitting behind a translucent glass door.

Classic artisan shelves can be designed into the walk in pantry to maximize the storage space and display those jars and spices. We created this in this bespoke walk in pantry, so our client could store their dry goods without the need to root through the cupboards and drawers to find that elusive key ingredient. As you can see appliances such as the microwave and toaster are hidden in here too out of view of the main kitchen, what a brilliant idea. And more worktop space is available to keep those tasty deserts for later.

We hand paint our kitchens with a brush stroke finish onsite, and this particular walk in pantry was painted in Little Greene Basalt 221 to match the main kitchen. We added a truly bespoke wine rack to the area to complete the entertaining aspects of this hub of the home that holds 25 bottles. The oak veneered carcasses are met with solid oak drawer boxes with soft-close runners and polished chrome cup handles, and additional open-shelving is designed below for more versatile storage solutions.

Our project in Potters Bar below comes complete with a utility/walk in pantry hand painted in a light hue known as ‘Blackened’ from Farrow & Ball. We designed floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to provide more storage space and a place to keep those kitchen essentials all in one place.

At Nicholas Bridger we love creating truly bespoke kitchens that fit you and your family’s needs. Contact us today to create a walk in pantry that only your visions and dreams could create. We look forward to hearing from you.

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