Here at Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company, we have teamed up with Westin who are renowned as the Cooker Hood Specialists. As you scroll down you will see some Westin products in our client’s homes and our showroom in Essex.

Fresh air from Yorkshire since 1921, Westin is a well-established British manufacturer of beautiful and high quality cooker hoods for domestic kitchens. These specialist cooker hoods are built to perform the job of removing steam, smoke and unwanted smells from the cooking environment. Their stainless steel construction ensures long term durability and bacterial stability, as well as a beautiful finish.

Westin Ceiling Hoods

Westin ceiling hoods are ideal for open plan kitchens. They are most effective when mounted in the highest point of the ceiling, which provides extraction for the whole room.

We have listed a few below:

Stratus – The Stratus is a discreet hood with a whole lot of effective extraction. If the joists run in the same direction as the Stratus hood, this product is ideal to install in to your kitchen.

Stratus 360 – The Stratus 360 is the first extractor from Westin’s 360 technologies. It is a low maintenance hood with the addition of the revolutionary air purification system.

Stratus Blade – The Stratus Blade is the next step in ceiling hood design with light blades that are ducted out of the hood.

Stratus Compact – The Stratus Compact has an internal motor with a height of only 195mm. The unit will fit perfectly between joists and can be run in the same or opposite direction.

Stratus Vetro – The Stratus Vetro has become increasingly popular for customers who wish to make more of a feature of the ceiling unit. It is available in white glass and painted or black glass and painted.

Westin Built-in over Hob Hoods

Westin built-in over hob hoods are designed to fit into a cabinet, or mantel above the hob. They are great in extracting fumes within seconds and perfect if you want it hidden from the kitchen view.

We have listed a few below:

Bloque – The Bloque is a robust unit which offers an industrial look and stainless steel baffle filters.

Cache – The Cache is versatile and popular that is designed to fit into a chimney or kitchen furniture.

Cache Modular – The Cache Modular is a flexible addition to the built-in range. They can be installed on their own or with up to three linked together.

Kari – The Kari is a perfect solution for where space is important. It fits perfectly into kitchen furniture and still allows for a shelf, maximising storage space.

Verticale – The Verticale is stylish in looks with a retractable extraction panel offering a discreet option.

Westin Downdrafts

Westin Downdrafts fit into worktops and disappear when they are not in use. They are ideal for minimalist kitchens.

We have listed a few below:

Lisser – The Lisser is discreet in appearance and quietly retracts into the worktops. It is a brilliant and stylish appliance.

Lisser Curve – The Lisser Curve offers a unique design statement that is perfect for a traditional or contemporary style, with a sleek curved panel the lighting will enhance the appearance and create a neat work surface when not in use.

Lisser Domino – The Lisser Domino is very versatile and gives good extraction from both sides.

Lisser Niche – The Lisser Niche has its own bolt-on motor and prominent filters.

Lisser Plane – The Lisser Plane rises to only 70mm from the worktop.

Westin Island Hoods

Westin island hoods are designed to be a statement piece over an island. These eye-catching hoods are styled with a unique look that ensures the island becomes the key feature of the kitchen.

Westin Wall Mounted Hoods

From traditional to modern styles there is one for every kitchen style.

We have listed a few below:

Harter – The Harter has a motorized panel, which glides open when in use.

Plancha – The Plancha is attractive yet versatile and combines sleek elegance with a retro feel.

Screen – The Screen is striking yet minimalistic and will fit elegantly into any kitchen design.

Serna – The Serna is elegant and sophisticated which will never become dated, and it available in three widths.

Westin in some of our projects

Below in our project in Winchmore Hill, we added a bespoke Bloque stainless steel extractor made by Westin for this project to fit the cooker hood perfectly. It certainly is not form over function, with various power modes, effortlessly expelling unwanted steam, smoke and cooking vapours.

Below in our project in Bishop’s Stortford we added a bespoke Westin Extractor to fit the cooker hood perfectly and match within the design aesthetics of this hub of the home. It’s an ideal extraction unit to match with the Wolf Induction Hob.

Below in our project in Epping, Essex, to complete the cooking experience in this bespoke Classic Shaker, we had Westin produce a bespoke stainless steel extractor, which fitted perfectly into the our handmade hood we created over the Wolf range cooker. This particular extractor has an industrial look that teams up perfectly with the range, and will eliminate smoke and odours within seconds.

Below we also have a Westin Cooker Hood showcased in our showroom in Great Hallingbury, where the appliance is live and you can test it out for yourself. We have built this into one of our handmade hoods also above a range cooker to complete the ultimate cooking experience.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we love working with respectable companies that produce the highest standards when it comes to kitchen technology and Westin is one. Contact us today for more information on Westin cooker hoods – we look forward to hearing from you.