The Wolf brand was originally founded in 1945 by the Wolf brothers. The two brothers had previously set up a shop that reconditioned and repaired kitchen appliances. They soon developed a skill of modifying these appliances due to the demand from customers specifications and preferences. A trend soon developed and many large restaurants would go to the Wolf brothers for their kitchen supplies. After they became aware of the high demand for their modified kitchen appliances, the Wolf brothers soon launched a commercial enterprise; building their own professional range of kitchen supplies for restaurants and industrial cooking.

The Wolf brand quickly gained popularity and gained a souring reputation for providing the highest quality kitchen appliances and in professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels. During the 1970s, the interest in gourmet home cooking started to grow. Many home cooks started to demand higher-performance appliances for their kitchens. The Wolf brothers responded by developing a separate line of home kitchen ranges which delivered the customer the same high quality, efficiency, performance and durability as commercial products. They reduced the size of the appliances so they would fit nicely in a home kitchen but kept the high performance so they would work on the same level as the commercial line. The home touch gave the line a sense of style and elegance to suit your home, combined with the power and efficiency of restaurant performance; this still stands for today’s appliances by the Wolf brand. Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we understand the high demands from avid cooks and chefs; we are proud to supply Wolf appliances and help you along your cooking adventures.

The Wolf brand continued to be a popular name in professional commercial cooking equipment until March 2000, when it attracted the attention of the company Sub-Zero. The Sub-Zero company was impressed with the Wolf brand and discovered that their equipment was refreshing and would compliment their existing products. Sub-Zero decided to expand their options by offering high-quality cooking products, so they acquired the residential side of the Wolf Company in the year 2000.

Wolf offers a large selection of high quality kitchen appliances that boast innovative- yet easy to use technology. Wolf are highly reputable for their high quality appliances, brilliance in engineering, design, and customer service. They are passionate about cooking and the latest culinary methods and design their products to aid a variety of enthusiastic cooks.

The Wolf Company design appliances with the concept of priority and direct their focus on the two main aspects which are key to successful cooking, temperature and airflow. They have designed their cookers to focus on temperature and air flow and have a unique convection system in their ovens. The convection Systems have the ability to eliminate hot and cold spots inside the oven for a consistent temperature throughout the cooking duration. With you in control, the ovens are built with a selection of a programmed modes which give you the ideal heat and airflow with the touch of a button.

Wolf offers a wide range of kitchen appliances; from convection ovens, built-in ovens, gas hobs, cooktops, Integrated grills, steamers and deep fat fryers. Wolf also offers kitchen ventilation units and integrated cup and warming draws. All designed to be sleek, elegant and stylish while delivering commercial quality at home.

The key signature of the Wolf range that has remained throughout the company’s history, is the trademark red control knobs. The signature control knobs has always recognised amongst the commercial ranges and gave you peace of mind to know that Wolf appliances were being used, bringing you the best cooking and advanced features . The red knobs now apply to home cooking appliances and make them stand out to observers, giving them the knowledge of provision and commercial quality. You can also choose stainless steel or black knobs if red is not your thing.

Wolf delivers advanced aesthetics and precision functionality combined with long lasting durability. The high standards of engineering and quality performance of Wolf has has remained consistent throughout the years. The commitment and dedication from Wolf is visible in their premium grade kitchen materials and innovative designs, they continue to be a popular household name for the avid cook and will remain so for many years to come.

Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens by Nicholas Bridger, we can supply and install a range of Wolf products for your home. From cookers to warming drawers or ventilation; your Wolf kitchen appliances will be guaranteed to be the best that commercial quality in your home has to to offer.

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