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Enjoy a coffee in our fully functioning Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom

Like an excellent barista in a gorgeous coffee shop, the Wolf Coffee System hits all the right notes. Professional-quality brewed drinks will be made your way with your own personal preferences all at a touch of a button. It has been designed and built with convenience at your finger tips.

If it’s a coffee you think of first when you wake up then the Wolf Coffee System will definitely make that highly anticipated morning coffee taste great.

The styles and designs of the coffee systems are a great coordinating accessory to suit any hub of the home whether it is traditional or modern, and they match perfectly with other Wolf appliances due to the trim kits that are available.

In our showroom we have a fully functional range of Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances including the 762mm Coffee System. The design ties in beautifully with the other products in the M-Series range. If you visit us, it will give you a real taste of how the Wolf appliances coordinate together and you will get to enjoy a stunning cup of coffee!

Why a Wolf Coffee Machine?

Unlike other coffee units, with the Wolf Coffee System they can be installed anywhere without the need of being plumbed in, which means an easy built-in appliance built-in to any part of a room. They feature an accessible 1.8 litre water reservoir that holds enough for several drinks in between refills.

Whatever coffee you love and crave, the Wolf Coffee System will make delicious drinks for you to enjoy on your own or with family and friends, with the strength to your taste.

You can even get the hot water from the machine to make a tea or hot chocolate. The temperature is adjustable, so it is up to you how hot you want it.

Make your favourite drinks- long or short coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, or a macchiato in seconds. You can also create two identical coffees by pressing the double coffee button.

The Wolf coffee system has an amazing feature, where there are rails that glide out that enable you to slide the unit from out of the wall for easy access to the whole-bean and ground coffee compartments.

With a Wolf coffee system you can clean the machine with just a button unlike other coffee machines. The milk nozzle steam-cleans and milk will never enter the system’s internal mechanisms.

The different Coffee Systems

600mm Coffee System in Stainless Steel and Black

The stainless steel and black coffee systems have been designed to stand alone and coordinate with Wolf E Series Convectional Steam Ovens.


762mm M Series Professional Coffee System

This coffee system is designed to coordinate with the Wolf M Series and Convection Steam Oven Professional stainless steel models.

M Series Transitional Coffee System

This coffee system is designed to coordinate with the Wolf M Series and Convection Steam Oven Transitional stainless steel models.

762mm E Series Transitional / Professional and Contemporary Coffee Systems

The E Series Professional Coffee System comes in black and is to coordinate with the Wolf E Series and Convection Steam Oven contemporary glass black models.

Contemporary Cup Warming Drawer/ Transitional Cup Warming Drawer

The makers at Wolf suggest a warming drawer to team up with a Wolf Coffee System, as it will be a perfect companion in both function and appearance, and a great addition to any coffee lover’s home. Air circulation will be flowed around the drawer to gently heat up your cups to the ideal temperature of your drink. They will be cool enough to hold comfortably!

  • The Contemporary Cup Warming Drawer is designed to coordinate with Wolf’s 600mm Contemporary Coffee System.
  • The Transitional Cup Warming drawer is designed to coordinate with Wolf’s 600mm Transitional Coffee System.

We are proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf and we would love to help you select a Wolf Coffee System to create your perfect hub of the home.

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