Produce a fast, versatile, healthy meal with a Wolf Convection Steam Oven

The Wolf convection steam oven may be, quite simply, the world’s most versatile oven, as well as the most intelligent. Wolf put together their range of steam ovens to blow your mind in 2014. They wanted to set a market of comprehensive and innovative luxury cooking appliances that give you a passion for cooking.

With the Wolf convection steam oven you can discover more nutrients and a delicious way of cooking. They have designed their appliance to provide you with exactly the right mix of heat and humidity for any dish. The oven’s unique digital technology senses the amount and size of the food being prepared and automatically adjusts the details of the cooking process to achieve results never before accomplished at home.

Why a Wolf Convection Steam Oven?

Basically it’s a fast, versatile and healthy way of cooking making whatever you cook simply delicious. Fluff up couscous without the need of using butter, richly brown a roast chicken that will be the juiciest you have ever had, and crusts of a steak pie glistening without a brush of egg.

Some meals require using lots of different appliances, and multiple pots and pans. With a Wolf convection steam oven you can prepare dishes with just one appliance and the technology built inside you can now sauté, boil, simmer like on a cooktop, bake, roast and even fry without oil, and prepare all-in-one dishes automatically.

The large water reservoir on this appliance means you can install them anywhere and no plumbing is needed.

The different Wolf Convection Steam Oven’s available

60cm E-Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven

This particular steam oven is perfect for the most compact of kitchens. With its small and slimmer design, it is built to give you the performance you expect from a Wolf appliance without adding a drop of fat. Pair it with a 60cm induction cooktop, and a narrower Sub-Zero refrigerator and you’ll have designed a compact kitchen even a chef would admire.

E-Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven

This Wolf convection steam oven is finished in brushed stainless steel with a sleek tubular handle that will look perfect in your traditional hub of the home adding that little bit of luxury. It is an ideal complement to the Wolf’s transitional E-Series built-in oven. You can have both ovens installed flush with your cabinetry to provide a seamless look.

E-Series Professional Convection Steam Oven

Add this convection steam oven to a bank of appliances to give you a healthier and more nutritious way of cooking. Finished in brushed stainless steel it is the perfect choice to install into your kitchen. It is also a perfect appliance to complement the E series built-in oven.

M-Series Contemporary Convection Steam Oven

The M-series contemporary convection steam oven is an ideal complement to Wolf’s contemporary black glass E and M series ovens. With the sleek design of the black glass it will match to any traditional elements in the hub of the home.

M-Series Professional Convection Steam Oven

The M-series range all match with their handles and frames. This convection steam oven will complement the Wolf’s Professional M- Series oven and provide you with a bank of appliances to prepare multiple dishes for you and your family.

M-Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven

Get your meal in 1, 2, 3. With the pre-heating being extremely fast, your meal will be ready that much quicker. This convection steam oven is great teamed with the M-series transitional oven and will look great near a Wolf induction hob.

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