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Bring a beautiful and functional extraction to your kitchen with a Wolf Downdraft System

Wolf is known for the finest cooking and cooling appliance in the world. They have been producing top of the range technology for more than 70 years, bringing professional quality to the home. No wonder why celebrity chef’s swear by them.

This is what James Martin had to say on the Wolf appliances.

“I have always found the Wolf brand first class, dependable and so easy to use, which is essential when cooking in a fast-pace environment like a busy restaurant kitchen.”

James Martin – Celebrity Chef

With a Wolf Downdraft extractor you will get exactly the extraction you need and more. They are designed perfectly to compliment the Wolf range of cooktops and other appliances from Sub-Zero Wolf. With their rise of 14 inches from the countertop they will whisk away smoke and odors from the smallest sauté pan to the largest stock pot. Your nose will be thankful, and so will your eyes.

Ventilation probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s appliance list, but let’s face it who wants a smoky, pungent environment. With a Wolf Downdraft system say goodbye to that strong smell of garlic.

Why a Wolf Downdraft System?

Wolf products are designed to last, and with their superior-quality materials means you will have their products for 20 years plus.

The appliance is made of stainless steel with a classic brush finish that matches other Sub-Zero and Wolf products, allowing for seamless integration into your kitchen design. It lowers beneath the countertop when not in use, for a cleaner look, and a wired remote is connected to the appliance to make life easier and can be placed 2.7m away.

After using the appliance for 30 hours, the filter clean indicator will light up, indicating that the filter needs to be cleaned.

A powerful internal blower can be purchased as an addition with a “boost” mode for complete ventilation control.

The different Wolf Downdraft System’s available

762mm Downdraft System

This particular ventilation system is perfect for multi-zone cooking for up to two integrated cooktop modules or with a single 762mm cooktop. It will blend seamlessly into your kitchen design with other Sub-Zero and Wolf products.

914mm Downdraft System

This ventilation system is especially designed to be paired with Wolf 914mm cooktops, and pairs perfectly with all gas cooktops, various sealed burner range tops, multiple cooktop modules and framed induction cooktops. This is the one our client used in their kitchen.

1143mm Downdraft System

This 1143mm ventilation system is perfect for multi-zone cooking for up to three integrated cooktop modules and blends seamlessly into the kitchen design when not in use and teams perfectly with other Sub-Zero Wolf products.

A Wolf Transitional Induction hob and Wolf Downdraft extractor in one of our client’s homes

Our client specified certain appliances to fit into their hub of the home to give cooking performances like no other. They opted for the 914mm Wolf Transitional Induction hob and the 914mm Wolf Downdraft extractor to take their cooking experiences to new levels. We integrated these into their very large central island.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we are proud premier dealers of Wolf appliances, and we invite you in to see our show stopping showroom built full of Wolf appliances. You will even have the chance to test them out for yourself and see them live in action. We look forward to hearing from you.

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